Monday, February 18, 2008

Yaya's Passport Issue - An update . . .

For the record, yaya won't be coming with us anymore. The passport was fixed already about two weeks ago. The old picture of yaya was placed back on her passport. But the issue now is that ex-husband doesn't want to give the passport back to her. There were several meetings but our yaya failed to get her passport back. There was even an instance that the ex-husband was asking for P4,000 for the expenses he incurred. Hello! It was his fault in the first place. When yaya finally decided to pay the P4k the ex-husband changed his mind. He wouldn't accept her payment. What he wanted was to get her allotment back. Of course our yaya wouldn't do it. She wouldn't give that huge amount of money for her passport. She'll just process a new one for her.

We just pity her because it was really stressful for her plus all the travel and meal expenses she incurred everytime they would meet up. We really wanted her to come with us. Anyway, she was asking when will be our next trip. Hubby would jokingly tell her that it will be in Singapore next month . . . he he he . . . still not enough time to get her a new passport.

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