Friday, May 7, 2010

I2C update # 11 . . .

Finally, we already got our VISAS yesterday! ! ! Just before lunchtime, I was already informed by our yaya that DHL already called up our house. They informed her that the documents will be delivered in the afternoon. So, while working up on our month-end close, I was already excited to go home and see the visas for myself.

While in the shuttle, I texted our yaya if the documents were delivered already. She told me that no delivery have taken place yet. I was getting worried already when after about 5 or 10 minutes she texted me back and told me that DHL have just delivered the docs.

I was home just before 7pm and I immediately looked for the package and opened it ASAP. Of course I was so happy to see all our visas. This is it! We've been waiting for this day to come. Time to seriously pack our stuffs already.

Hay . . . . time for our countdown already?