Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reminiscing Highschool Life . . .

We are nearing the month of March which is the graduation season. Exactly fifteen years ago, it was our time to march and receive our highschool diplomas. Highschool graduation is indeed one of the most memorable milestone in a person's life. It is when you establish friendship that would really last for so long. In my case, I still do keep in touch with my highschool cirle of friends as well as my other batchmates. We have our own e-group so that we get updates on each other's lives.

Lately, it has been a discussion to celebrate our special year. Somebody suggested that we do something for a cause. They wanted to do some sort of a medical mission since many of our batchmates are in the medical field so we won't have any difficulty with this activity. Some are suggesting to do some solicitation and we'll just buy stuffs to be distributed to the less fortunates.

With this, I'd like to suggest to the group for us to have a commemorative shirt of this activity. I should be looking for supplier of wholesale shirts so that it wouldn't be an added task to those who are planning.

Let's wait and see what will transpire in this special event.

JM is turning 2 ! ! !

It's barely three days to go and JM will be turning two years old already. We are not having a grand party just like what he had last year. It'll just be a simple get together of our families.

Right now, I'm thinking of our special gift to JM. Since I don't have the luxury of time, I tried to do an on-line shopping a while ago. I was browsing through different on-line stores and I like the features of merchants with shopping cart software. Online shopping becomes very easy and efficient. And I can say addicting as well! All you have to do is click, click and click. Voila! You're done with your shopping.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yaya's Passport Issue

We've been stressed with this issue for the past weeks. We were still hopeful that it will be settled just in time for our HK travel next month. But with the recent developments, I don't think we have enough time to process yaya's passport.

Just as a background, our yaya was married to a policeman. They are already separated when we hired her. According to her, ex-husband is already with another woman and even got her pregnant. So there's no chance for a possible reconciliation already.

When our yaya learned that we'll be travelling to HK by February, she expressed her intention of coming with us. She is very much willing to shoulder a part of the travel expenses. So, we asked her if she has a valid passport. She said yes right away. So without even checking her passport, we booked her immediately to avail of the Cebu Pacific Promo. The following day, she took a day off so that she can get her passport in her house. It was late Sunday evening already but she hasn't returned yet. When we texted her, she informed us that she cannot find her passport already. Eventually, she learned that ex-husband forcibly entered their house to get her passport and birth certificate.

This was the start of our struggle. Week 1 ( week of Jan 13 to 19 ) she tried to contact her husband. She was able to confirm that the passport was with ex-husband already. At first, ex-husband doesn't want to return the passport. He was blackmailing her not to sign the check of her monthly allotment ( a percentage of husband's salary is given to her ). We told her that it can't be the case since they have an agreement with this and she has a contract to prove her claim. Yaya has relative who is a high ranking official in the RDO. She texted the issue to him and given her several options. She was scheduled to go to Camp Vicente Lim to report the issue last January 18. Thank God that I have no work that day.

We went to my parent's house in Canlubang since Camp Vicente Lim is just within the vicinity. Ex-husband was there because he was told to report there. They were able to talk and she learned that the passport will be used by the "new girl" to apply for a work abroad. The other girl can’t have her own passport because she has another person with the same name and with a case. So, they agreed to return the passport to our yaya. The agreement is that husband will return the passport in Camp Vicente Lim and the passport will be sent through courier.

For week 2 ( Jan 20 to 26 ), there were recent developments already. Our yaya learned that her passport was already with a recruitment agency in Manila. I already have the guts that her passport has been tampered already. By Friday, yaya and ex-husband was scheduled to meet so that he could return the passport. She went Friday evening and met her husband. The passport was not with the husband. They scheduled to go to the agency the following day.

She left early and was out the whole day. I was yayaless again but it was ok and fun to be with the two kids. I was asking hubby for the developments because he was the one texting our yaya for the updates. Indeed, the passport was tampered already. Her picture was replaced by the picture of the other girl already. So I told hubby to inform our yaya not to go home without the passport. He texted our yaya but got no reply. Hubby even called her but she didn't answer. According to her, she was afraid to use her celfone in public. So, she left without her passport.

Again, she reported the status of the case with the relative in RDO. Her husband was asked to report again in Camp Vicente Lim. But as of to date, husband is nowhere to be found. The husband is AWOL already. Our yaya was trying to call him but the celfone is already off.

This can only mean two things. It's either the husband is trying to fix the passport before he reports to his superior or he has the intention of running away from the issue. While waiting for any developments, we are trying to figure out ways how to resolve the issue.

The easiest way to resolve the issue is to replace the picture of the other girl with our yaya's picture. The problem with this is that the passport is not with us and we don't have any contact who would do the deed. Second option is to do the legal way. File an application for lost passport. But according to the DFA website, there will be a fifteen days clearing before processing. So that means it won't make it to our scheduled trip already. Hubby asked their messenger to look for a contact who can process the lost passport without the fifteen days clearing. They found one but was charging a hefty P8,000! ! ! Passport processing is more expensive than our round trip ticket to HK.

With barely three weeks to go before our HK trip, we don’t know what to do. We'll just wait for any developments from the ex-husband of our yaya. I can't finalize our bookings because we're still waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Budget for travel . . .

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to finalize the details of our Hong Kong trip next month as well as our budget. This trip is really my treat for the kids since we'll be having a 2 months bonus by March. Since the trip will be in February and the bonus will be in March I am thinking of availing a cash advance instead of using up a portion of our savings.

As I was browsing through the net, I came up with the payday loans site. It offers fast and easy cash for those who are in need of emergency cash or those caught up in between paychecks. Applying for a payday loan is very easy. You just have to apply online so transaction can be done right in the comfort of your homes. You don't have to go through the rainy weather or monstrous traffic jam just to get financial services to seek assistance for a loan. Once you're approved, it will be deposited directly into your checking or savings account. The site also offers flexible payment options so definitely it wouldn't be that burdensome for those who are working on a specific budget. Hope I can try this one out.

JM's Passport

Finally! We already got JM his passport. It was delivered last Saturday, January 26, 2008. Two weeks after we had our personal appearance in DFA Manila.

Now I can vouch for the services of Teleserve for passport application because we are very much satisfied with their services. You just apply online, have your schedule for pick-up of docs and personal apperance, they'll pick-up the documents, have your appearance in DFA and the passport will be delivered right in your doorstep.

It was very efficient specially for us who are working. We were able to schedule our appearance on a Saturday so we don't have to go on leave anymore.

Now, we are very excited for JM's first out of the country trip next month.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I have been into blogging for more than three months. I have been blog hopping for the longest time but never had the guts to have my own not until recently that I was not able to resist the urge to blog on what is happening to me and my family. It was really exciting and fun and at the same time it has introduced me to a lot of new friends. I was able to get myself updated on what is happening to most of them. It's really like having friends and having had the chance to be with them though we don't see each other in person.

Another benefit of blogging is having the chance to blog for money. Most of my fellow bloggers are already into it and I can't resist the temptation to enroll my blog to earn additional income for me. I was really happy to get my very first approval with SMORTY. Smorty is just one of the many paid blogging sites that provides opportunities for bloggers like me. Fellow bloggers really attests that they get paid a decent amount of money for blogging.

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I just don't blog for the money but also for the exchange of opinion or views regarding certain products and services products from the web. In this way we help the advertisers to come up with better products and services because the BLOGGERS will have their valuable insight concerning the advertisers which in turn can be used to further improve their merchandise and service.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Updates . . .

Can't resist to join the band wagon of paid bloggers. I'm so excited when my blog was approved by Smorty. There are a lot of opportunities available at the start of the week. Since I have quite a number of deadlines for the week I can't get my hands do to the tasks. I tried one this afternoon since it will expire already but I can't submit my post. Initially my anchor text was wrong. It's supposed to be payday loans - with an "s". Mine was without the "s". When I figured it out I thought my post will be submitted already. Again, there was an error! The error says "it's not the approved URL" or "it's not the URL blog that was approved". I can't remember exactly the words. Anyway, I hope fellow bloggers can help me out and start earning from blogging.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Double good news ! ! !

We had our monthly all employee meeting this morning. Most of the time I wouldn't attend this meeting because I have more important things to do. But this morning, most of the people from Finance attended because we know that the variable bonus will be announced already.

We were already expecting something but of course we need the formal announcement. After discussing all the metrics our variable bonus to date is 2.26 months. This may still change cause there are still pending items that are awaiting for the result. The 2.26 months may go up or go down depending on the final ranking based on the annual performance review.

The other good news is that the variable bonus will be given earlier since usually it is given every 25th of March. But since it will be Holy Week prior to that the HR department decided to give it earlier since most of the employees will be out already for vacation.

Yipee! ! ! Mucho, mucho na naman . . .

Shoot that ball . . .

Just a side kwento from our weekend get-away last week. When we were in the play area, I got hold of a ball and started to play with it. When hubby saw me, he jokingly said, "pag na-shoot mo yan bibigyan kita ng P1,000.00". He was not even finished with his sentence when I threw out the ball. Guess what? The ball got into the ring! ! ! As in sobrang asintado. We were surprised and I was laughing out loud because hubby was thinking that I won't be able to do it that's why his bet was high. I was about two meters away from the ring and the ball was so small. Anyway, naaliw lang talaga kami. And before I forget, hubby still owes me that P1,000.00. he he he . . .

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Weekend Get-Away . . .

It was a long weekend for us. Last Friday, we went to my parents house in Canlubang since my yaya needs to go to Camp Vicente Lim and settle the "passport issue" ( this will be another topic to be discussed once settled ). She left after lunch and back at around 4pm. So, I was yayaless for about four hours with the two kids. Though I can say that it was not that difficult as compared to previous months. I think both kids have matured in a way. We were home before 7pm because I still need to fix our things for the following day. I tried to pack as light as I can. But still ended up with three bags though the last bag is just the baby couture bag which I used as our day bag.

Saturday morning, we were up at around 7am. Philip still went out for a while to do some errands in the office. He was back at around 9am. This time Kaila was still asleep. Philip and I had our brunch since we want to leave as soon as we can so that we can still go malling before the show. But we ended up leaving the house just before noon. Kaila woke up late and JM had her nap. We don't want to disrupt their sleeping schedule so that they won't have tantrums in the afternoon.

We were in Malayan Plaza just before 2pm. Just in time for our check-in though I already requested for an early check-in. Upon arrival in our room ( 1 bedroom suite ) I unpacked our things and off we were to Megamall. We still need to do some fixings with our digicam. We spent about an hour going from one shop to another. I was beginning to get impatient so Philip just told me to eat first and he'll be the one to fix the digicam. We just ate in McDonalds so that we can finish right away. It was almost 4pm when we left Megamall. I was really praying that there would be no untoward incident that would cause a horrendous traffic. We can't be late in the show!

We were in Araneta entrance at about 4:15pm. As in just in time! The show started promptly at 4:30pm. Everybody was clapping and yelling upon the sight of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. I was looking at Kaila, and I think she was star strucked! She was looking intensely at them but with a smile on her face. She was so excited to watch this show and now they are in front of her. JM on the otherhand, would clap everytime he hears the crowd clapping. Philip and I were both happy for the kids. We know not all kids will be given that opportunity to see those Disney characters. It even made us more excited for our HongKong trip next month.

The show was really an adventure. The guests were transported into the magical world of Disney's "Lion King", "101 Dalmatians", "Little Mermaid", "Lilo and Stitch" and "Peter Pan". The audience were taken into different locations like the London cityscape, a colorful tropical island, the underwater kindom and the Savannah of Africa. Of course, we enjoyed the moves of the skaters as they swing and dance to familiar tunes. There were quite a numbers of effects as well that amazed the kids ( especially Peter Pan flying around ). The show lasted for almost two hours though there was a break in between. I can say that the whole family enjoyed the show.

After the show, we headed to Greenhills to buy some stuffs and we had our dinner there as well. We ate in Casa Reyes restaurant expecting that it would be as sumptuous as Serye or Reyes BBQ. But to our dismay, it was not that good. The chicken and pork BBQ tastes differently. Oh, well at least now we know. I don't think we would eat there again. We were back in the hotel at almost 10pm already.

We just cleaned up the kids and put them to sleep. Hubby and I were suppose to go out somewhere but since it was drizzling we just went to Starbucks in Podium and had an intimate talk over a glass of coffee. Seldom do we really get to talk heart to heart. As in how do we feel about the family, about work, what are your plans, how do you see the kids and other stuffs. We went back to the hotel at almost 2am already. What happened after ? ? ? Secret . . . (wink)

Sunday morning, we were up at 7am. JM would really be the first one to wake up in the family. He was just playing around while Ate Kai was still asleep. We then asked our yaya to have her breakfast outside since the buffet breakfast is just for hubby and me. When Kaila was awakened both the kids were playing around the room and watching the TV. Yaya was back at almost 9am already. We asked her to buy something for the kids in Jollibee. ( JM's first words include Jollibee ) While they were eating we had our buffet breakfast in Bistro. It was just a so, so breakfast though hubby enjoyed the steamed fish.

After breakfast, we headed on the 33rd floor to check the pool and the play area. It was ok so we went back to the room and changed to our swimming attires. We brought the kids to the play area first before dipping into the pool. It was only us so the kids enjoyed the slides, the seesaw and other stuffs by themselves. After a while, we headed to the pool. As usual, Kaila wouldn't want to take a dip since the water was so cold. She would not even walk on the stairs ( porma lang talaga si Ate Kaila ). JM on the otherhand, wouldn't want to go first as well. Little by little he was playing with his feet until he was wet all over and he would walk around the kiddie pool already. We were not really able to convince Kaila to swim.

After this, we went back to the room and each one of us took a bath while I was fixing our stuffs already. JM fell asleep after the bath. Kaila went back to the play area while JM was still asleep. Our check out time is 1pm. It was raining again. We decided just to go home straight and not go malling anymore so that we'll have time to rest. We were home at around 3pm.

The weekend was quite tiring but we enjoyed it as a family. No regrets of tagging along both kids and spending extra money for the hotel and the extra ticket of yaya. Everybody was happy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Another long weekend for us

Yipee! It's going to be another long weekend for me and the kids. It's Sta. Rosa day tomorrow that's why it's a special non-working holiday for us.

On Saturday, January 19 we'll be watching Disney on Ice in Araneta. We'll be staying overnight in Malayan Plaza in Ortigas. Hopefully makagimik pa after. Sana matulog ng early ang mga kids. he he he . . .

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My name . . .

Got this tag from Jody. Thanks a lot!

All you have to do is spell your name with their corresponding meanings:

M: Makes dating fun
A: Gorgeous
G: Never let people tell you what to do
N: Sexy
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
L: Best
I: Loves to laugh
A: Gorgeous ( twice na 'to )

Thanks, sis! I enjoyed doing it.

Name Meaning Here:

A: Gorgeous
B: Loves people
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is great in bed
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Never let people tell you what to do
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes
I: Loves to laugh
J: Makes people laugh
K: Really silly
M: Makes dating fun
N: Sexy
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Good bf/gf
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everyone
Z: Lives life for fun

Tagged by Trinity . . .

What I'm Grateful For . . .

Got this tag from Trinity. Thanks a lot!

At this point of my life, I can say that I'm very happy and contented!

I have a lot of things to be grateful for :

(1) . First and foremost, is the gift of life. We often take it for granted but come to think of it without it we won't be able to experience all the wonderful things in this world if not for this.

(2). To my ever supportive and loving family especially to my parents. Without them, I won't be the person that I am now.

(3). To my one and only husband who loves me more than anything else.

(4). To my children, Mikaila and JM. They are my source of inspiration and strength as I go through all the difficulties that I face once in a while.

(5). To my fulfilling and rewarding career as a finance person.

(6). To all my old and new friends who share in my joys, excitement and even frustrations. Though we may not see that often I know that I have a friend in each one of you.

(7). To all the different opportunities that come my way. Opportunities that may or may not provide growth to me as a person.

It feels good doing this tag! Actually, I want to write more and more and more. It's nice to think of all the wonderful things that I should be grateful for.

Anyone can grab this tag and it's your turn to count all your blessings.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We're off to Hong Kong next month ! ! !

I'm so excited to blog about this. We're going to Hong Kong next month from February 20 to 24. After all the postponement of this trip, we're finally pushing it through. Good luck to us since we'll have two kids in tow with no yaya.

Can't resist the P888 promo of Cebu Pacific ! ! ! he he he . . .

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year's Eve Celebration

This year we decided to celebrate new year's eve with my family in Canlubang ( this might be their last in the PI? - who knows they might get their visas this year already ). It was only our second year to celebrate it at home since we always spend the new year's eve in Cavite with my aunts. They don't want my dad to be driving in the wee hours of the morning after the celebration.

In the morning of the 31st, I started to clean up the house before we leave in the afternoon. I texted my mom to fetch us once the kids had their afternoon naps already. I'm sure they won't sleep if we go there early. The two kids and my nephew we'll be having the time of their lives again once they are all together. I cleaned up the house, fixed some stuffs, prepared our overnight bags as we are heading to Cavite the following day.

JM was asleep already by noon. Kaila was kinda late but better than not having any sleep at all. When both kids were awakened, I dressed them up comfortably and texted my mom that we are ready. Philip also arrived home as he reported to work for a while. My yaya won't be coming with us since she'll be going to her sister in Taguig. We are yayaless for a day! (hope it wouldn't be a thing for 2008 ).

We checked everything is closed before we left the house. On the way, we bought some fireworks as my parents told me that they were not able to buy anything though my sister bought a few. As expected, the kids were all over the place when we arrived our house in Canlubang. The sound system was already in the garage so it'll be videoke time once again. My mom was cooking the media noche - pancit, molo soup, fruit/buco salad, hams & sausages.

While the kids were playing, we sneaked out to the kitchen to prepare the refrigerated cake that I brought. I just brought all the ingredients and we made it there since there was no more space in our refrigerator already. Once in a while the kids will interrupt but we were able to finish it as scheduled.

When all the foods were cooked already, we had our dinner first and fixed the kids after. I dressed them up already and we were in the garage already for the videoke session. Once in a while we would turn on the tv to catch the new year's celebration on various locations. We remembered last new year's eve celebration when we were in Ayala to witness the countdown. It was really a different experience. We plan to do it again next year ( hopefully walang kokontra ).

Firecrakers and fireworks were all over 30 minutes before midnight. Kaila was very much afraid that we won't go out of the garage. I was not able to see the nice fireworks as Kaila would cry out loud everytime I would try to sneak at the fireworks outside. JM on the otherhand was out on the street with his dad. They were able to see all the fireworks displays.

At the strike of 12:01, we were all jumping and greeting each other " Happy New Year "! My mom had the usual pasabog of coins after. As usual, eating time comes next. Though the foods were all over I didn't eat that much. Parang nakakasawa rin kasi. Hahanapin mo na lang yun pag tapos na lahat ng celebrations.

Kaila and my nephew were asleep right after the celebration because they didn't sleep that much in the afternoon. It was only JM who was in the centerstage this time. He's running around and playful as he is keeps on playing and playing as they were able to catch a few hours of sleep before the celebration. Everybody's in the sleeping mood already and JM is still very much awake. Luckily, we were able to put him to sleep easily.

It was again a simple celebration but what is important is the completeness of our family.

December 30th . . .

It was our fourth year wedding anniversary last December 30. We started the day by watching our wedding video with the kids. It was funny watching it over and over. You'll be remembering the details again and again. Everything seems new but it was four years ago already.

After taking care of the sick kids, I think we deserve to have this day to ourselves. After having our brunch, we prepared ourselves and we're off to Makati and do some malling in Glorietta. We also need to do some shopping for the Kris Kringle on New Year's celebration.

It was just a simple day. We heard mass in Greenbelt in the afternoon. Strolled in the mall and ate our dinner.

To Philip, belated happy anniversary! I'm so happy for all the times that we've been together. I'm so proud of what and where we are right now. We've gone through a lot in the past years and we are now enjoying the fruits of all our hardships and sacrifices. I love you so much!

Friday, January 4, 2008

An epidemic ? ? ?

Just as we're about to sleep after a tiring Christmas day, Kaila vomited. I just thought because she drank softdrinks (courtesy of yaya) and she hadn't eaten a decent meal within the day. I think she only drank about 2 or 3 bottles of milk the whole day already. Then, we're off to sleep already.

At 1 am I was awaken because Kaila started to vomit again. She was crying so JM was awaken as well. Both kids were crying in the middle of the night! Then, I have to change the bedsheets and all. Kainis! Anyway, I changed Kaila's clothes and we went back to sleep after fixing everything. At 4am, I was awaken again since Kaila vomited again. This time I'm beginning to worry. I'm suppose to have an appointment that day but I decided to cancel it cause I know that I need to stay home first given Kaila's condition. After this, we were able to sleep longer.

Philip has to report to work and JM was awake but I was really so sleepy and tired. I only remembered Philip kissed me goodbye and he was already carrying JM. The yaya took charge of JM first. Kaila and I were awake about 10am already. I was hoping she'd be well already. I was giving him a bottle of milk first but she refused. She wants juice. I don't want to give in first cause I know it wouldn't be good for her. But she's very persistent so I gave him an apple juice. She was not even finished yet and she started to vomit again. As in everything! She was crying again. This is her first time to experience this.

After a while, I was convincing her to drink her milk instead. Although I was afraid she might vomit again. She drank her milk and luckily she didn't vomit. I was just observing her situation. What I have observed is that if she drinks something cold she would vomit and if it's milk she won't. That's why I didn't allow her to drink juices. But because of her persistence, I would give in to her request so she would vomit again. I think two more times. I already texted Philip to come home early. He was home at about 4pm.
We were already planning of bringing Kaila to the hospital to ensure that she would be ok. But Kaila doesn't want to. After some discussion, we just decided to observe Kaila overnight and see her condition. We are not that really worried as compared to JM's condition the last time that he was sick. I think she didn't vomit anymore although she had fever already.

On the 27th, Kaila was better. She didn't vomit the whole night and she has no fever already. Everything was ok already the whole day. Thank God she was not hospitalized! Just when we thought that everything was fine it was JM's turn to vomit. At first, I thought he just was just overfed. But the same thing happened to JM. We don't know what caused this series of vomiting with the two kids.

When I informed my mom what happened to the kids, I learned that my nephew's condition was the same, two of my grandchildren ( children of my pamangkins ) in Cavite as well and other kids in the neighborhood has the same condition. Was it an outbreak? or what?

Anyway, JM's condition got better after a day. We almost brought him to the hospital but remembering what he went through during his first hospitalization we decided to take care of him in the house instead.

Hay, what should have been an enjoyable vacation turned out to be a stressful period for us. Luckily, the kids were ok and no need for hospitalization.

When I got back to work I also learned that other kids had the same condition. One of my office mates had her daughter hospitalized for a day or two with the same condition. We were really thankful that the kids were ok and they are healthy as before already. They have already gained the weight they have lost during that period. Chubby chubby na ulit ang mga cheeks nila.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Day Celebration

My parents and siblings were early in the house. All of us were still asleep when they came. I woke up ahead of everybody to start preparing our stuff. Of course it will be a bagful of stuffs for the kids. JM woke up first so I started to fix him. Gave him a bathe and dressed him up. Of course he was not able to open his gifts last night so it's time for him to open the gifts. He has a handful of gifts ( clothes, toys and bags ). Santa's gift was a red remote controlled car. He had two cars because Ninong Charlie ( my BIL ) gave him a remote controlled car as well.

While they were enjoying the opening of gifts I sneaked out to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast. Of course it's the left overs from the noche buena. :) Philip was awaken next then Kaila. We all fixed ourselves and had a picture taking moment before heading to Pasig. We left at already past 10AM.

Since it was a no traffic day, we were there ( Ciudad Grande ) in just over an hour of travel. My uncle and my cousins were there immediately to welcome us. It feels nice to see them again. We really don't see them that often unlike my cousins in Cavite. We stayed for awhile first in my cousin's house since the party will be held in the clubhouse. We thought that it's just going to be a simple get together but it seems many will be attending.

We went to the clubhouse past noon already. It was just a walking distance from their place. Personally, I was surprised to see that the place was arranged with tables & chairs, tarps and the food was catered. What we thought as a simple get together turns out to be something more special. Guests started to arrive though it was mostly the relatives of my auntie so ( wife of my uncle - mother side ) it was really us only and their family who belongs to the Espolong clan.

The program was just informal. It was initially hosted by the sister of my auntie. We had an opening prayer and the cue to start the meal followed as it was way past noon already. After the sumptuous meal, the program resumed. My cousins were introduced and welcomed. They came from Pakistan, Korea and Singapore. One of my cousins on the otherhand is the head chef in Malacañang. So the kids and adults alike had their "pamasko" from each of them. There were several games for all the kids and adults. Monetary prizes were courtesy of my cousins. The finale was a raffle courtesy of the sister of my auntie ( she works for Erap - so dami nya pera ). We really waited for the raffle hoping we'll win. But we were not that lucky enough.

While the program is on-going of course we had a chit-chat with my cousins. Some updates about their lives and our lives . . . It's just nice to know that most of them are all successful in their own fields. My cousin who works in Malacañang has gone to many places already including Europe. He always goes with the President's entourage (local and international destinations). Hubby was trying to fish some "tsismis" from him but to no avail. he he he . . . My other cousin worked in DFA in Pakistan for six years. He and his family is now here because they have to wait where will be his next assignment. My cousin in Singapore is a board top notcher in ECE so he's also successful there right now. I just forgot the name of the company he's working for.

It's also nice to see our own kids. We also met for the first time the wife of my cousin from Singapore. It was also a time to reminisce "our" times when we were just kids. How time really flies so fast!

As I said we just waited for the raffle and we're off home after. I guess it was around 4pm already when we left. I can say that we enjoyed it very much and hopefully there will be a next time soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Early Christmas Celebration

In previous years, we would normally spend the 25th with my relatives (father side) in Cavite. This year, we were there on the 24th as the 25th was reserved by my relatives (mother side) in Pasig since my cousins working abroad are all here for the first time altogether after so many years.

On the morning of the 24th, we were fetched by my parents going to Cavite. We were expected to be there before lunch. Thank God for the Daang Hari road. Our usual travel time ( Carmona-Dasma-Imus-Bacoor) was reduced to half. We were just in time for lunch. Our meals include kare-kare, camaron and other seafood specialties of my tita. In the family, she's the one who can really cook well. Name it and she can do it. Desserts include fruit / buco salad and ube halaya. We were so full after the sumptuous meal.

After lunch, we already distributed our gifts for our inaanaks and the kids received a lot of gifts as well from my cousins and their children. At the same time, they were preparing the names for our yearly kris kringle during the new year celebration. I asked hubby if we will join because I'm not sure if we will be spending the New Year there. He said we'll join the kris kringle.

For merienda, they bought a special bibingka and we ate some of the desserts during lunch as well. After merienda, we were already off going home as we still need to prepare the noche buena. My dad was asking if we were still coming home with them but we beg off since we don't have much time already to prepare the food for noche buena.

At home, Philip started to prepare the spaghetti sauce right away. I also asked my yaya to prepare the ingredients for the chicken-macaroni salad that I'll be preparing. While they were in the kitchen the lolo and lola asked the kids to open the gifts already. I stressed that not all the gifts will be opened. They just wanted to see if the gifts would fit well with the kids. Obviously their gifts are clothes for the kids. It was a red (San Beda) jacket for JM and a pink dress for Kaila. Picture taking followed.

As usual, Kaila took the centerstage again. She willingly posed for the picture taking. A model in the making yata ang anak ko. At least marami ng career na pagpipilian. From videoke queen to a fashion model. JM on the otherhand is very difficult to handle during picture taking. It's either wala sya sa picture or paalis sya from the scene. Di mapirmi sa isang lugar!

When my parents and siblings have left, we started to fix the house. Clean up a little bit. Prepare the stuffs for the noche buena. In time, we were already preparing ourselves for the evening mass. JM was already sleepy so I told hubby that we'll just leave JM because it will be difficult for him to come and I'm sure that we will be standing the whole time during the mass. At first, he was hesitant to leave JM but when he saw JM peacefully sleeping he just asked our yaya to be with JM. It was only me, Philip and Kaila who went to hear the mass.

Kaila was such a good girl during the entire celebration. I know she's very tired and sleepy as well but these were overcomed of her excitement to open her gifts including the one from Santa. After the celebration, we went straight home and JM was in deep sleep already. I asked hubby if we would wake him up but he said just to let JM sleep because we would have a hard time to put him back to sleep.

Philip and I were in the kitchen preparing our food. We have yet to put the gift of Santa. Our meal includes spaghetti, chicken-macaroni salad, ham, cheese and lots of chocolates! While Kaila's eating, I sneaked out for a while to put Santa's gift on the tree.

After our meal, we went back to the sala to open our gifts. Kaila was very delighted to see Santa's gift. It was a Disney Princess rubber shoes ( just what she requested ). She opened the other gifts mostly school stuffs since they know that Kaila will be going to school already this year. JM was not able to open his gifts. Of course the finale would be our exchange of gifts. I was able to surprise hubby with my gift although he has it on his guesses. It was a Carolina Herrera for Men Classic perfume gift set. Hubby's gift for me on the other hand was an Anne Klein wrist watch.

More than the gifts, we are very happy spending Christmas at home with a complete and healthy family.

Kaila . . . the videoke queen of the night

Last December 22, the kids had their yearly Christmas party within the village. I was more excited this year as we will be attending the party as well since it was scheduled at 9pm. I was excited because I know the kids will appreciate it more this year since Kaila is already 3 years old and JM will be 2 years old next month. I bought their gifts for the kris kringle including the one for my yaya. We also bought "puto Biñan" as our potluck.

Excited as we were, we came in as the first guests of the night. Some kids were already there but they are the host family. The kids were already singing in the videoke. Kaila was watching them closely and would dance once she hears a familiar tune.

When the kids were playing around and the videoke was free, we asked Kaila to sing "Beautiful Girl" by Sean Kingston. She willingly got hold of the microphone, stood up, danced and sung the chorus :

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over

We are so proud of her because she can perform even though there are strangers around her and I can say that she sings well and she knows the timing very well specially the "suicidal, suicidal when you say it's over" part. Tinalo ako ng anak ko sa pagkanta sa videoke! he he he . . .

JM on the other hand was running around, and round and round. He was second to the youngest who attended the party. He's such an active boy! At his age, he's the kilabot ng mga yaya. All of them were so fond of him. He's so handsome daw especially in his pants and polo shirt. JM even kissed one of the the yaya who is really a fan of him already.

All in all the kids enjoyed the party although it was late at night already. Philip and I were talking maybe next year we could host the party in our place. (hopefully we would have time to prepare).

Welcome 2008! ! !

2007 was a good year to me and my family. I'd like to thank all the people who were part of our 2007 who in one way or the other have played an important role in our success and happiness. I am looking forward of being with you, working with you, blogging with you more on 2008. . .

To all those who continuously visit my site, I really appreciate it a lot. Hope to meet some of you in person this year. I am really happy that I'm gaining new friends because of this.