Monday, February 18, 2008

Should we or should we not ? ? ?

The vacant lot beside our house is up for sale. Hubby and I would talk about it once in a while if we should buy it or not. Of course I would love to buy that extra 80sqm so that we can have an extension or sort of renovation of our house. But of course we should be considering a lot of factors plus we must prioritize our purchases nowadays. As I previously mentioned in my earlier posts, we might be having a car loan to purchase the car of my parents by the time they leave the country. There's also our existing housing loan with BDO and other financial obligations which should be taken into consideration.

But thinking of all the possibilities once we purchase the vacant lot creates an excitement and anticipation of a lot of things. Will it be an additional room for the kids, or a nice spacious garden, a veranda in the second floor and all sorts of stuffs. Should we find a good mortgage loan then all these stuffs can come true. I'm just hoping that hubby's promotion will happen soon and he'll get a good deal with his salary increase.

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