Friday, February 29, 2008

Hotel Reservations

After our Hong Kong trip last week, hubby and I are already planning of our next trip. Hubby enjoyed the weather in Hong Kong so he wants to go back there probably the same time of the year. Maybe we could include Macau and Shenzhen on our itinerary in our next trip. For our Hong Kong trip, I almost booked everything online from our flight to our hotel reservations. Booking online is very efficient and I highly recommend it. Browsing through the net, I chanced upon this site which offers great deals for travellers like me. Hotel is like a travel agent who'll deal with all your travelling needs. You can book your flights through them and choose from a wide variety of hotels and resorts. They even have car rentals and vacation packages available. This is really helpful on planning our next trip. Better start saving up for the next trip!

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