Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Car Loan

I've mentioned in my previous posts that my parents already got the instruction from the Canadian embassy to undergo their physical examination. We are already anticipating that they might be leaving within the year.

My mom told us to look for a buyer for their car. Hubby jokingly told her that we'll buy it for P150k. he he he . . . Of course they wouldn't trade it with that amount. It's a 2006 Toyota Innova which they got for almost P1M at that time including various accesories. My mom told us that they'll just buy us a second hand van before they leave.

Hubby and I are talking if we'll just avail of a car loan so that we'll have the Innova instead of selling it to others. At least we'll have it as a sort of remembrance from my parents.

Now, we have to look for the best possible deal for this loan. I chanced upon this site click here where they'll help buyers to find the best auto loan. They work with various lenders so buyers are guaranteed of the lowest possible interest rates and flexible monthly amortization. What's more is that they have various auto loan types. Loans for new cars, loans for used cars and re-financing of current auto loans.

I checked the loans for used cars and the deal is quite good. There is no restriction on how old the car is, they have better interest rates compared to dealerships, they offer instant approval and you'll not be turned down due to bad credit standing. So, what can you ask for more . . .

I hope hubby and I can find a good deal like this by the time we avail of the car loan.

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Anonymous said...

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