Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged by Jan . . .

Got this tag from Jan . . .

1. Today I feel very--- excited cause it's almost 1 day to go before our HK trip.
2. I enjoy --- staying at home and be with my kids.
3. I am unhappy when --- my family is complete.
4. I feel good when --- hubby compliments me.
5. I wish my boss --- wouldn't give me extra assignments before I go on a vacation leave.
6. My officemates think --- i'm so reserved and quiet.
7. My work area is --- is clean and organized ( outside lang . . . not the drawers & cabinets )
8. I enjoy reading about --- people's views, opinions and their stories .
9. I like myself best when --- I can do things at the right time, at the right place, with the right people.
10. If I had a choice I would --- like to travel more together with hubby and the kids.
11. I wish --- my family will be healthy at all times and we can stay together always.
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- go home early and finish packing our luggage.

I'm tagging my blogging buddies . . . Vina, Trinity, Toni, Tet, Sweetpea and Sujee.


Paul and Toni said...

hi sis! did the tag na. thanks ha! sorry now lang. :)

issa said...

hi there, got some awards for u :)

sujee isturis-sarmiento said...

Hi Nol! Thanks for your tag! Just did it now. God bless you and your family! :)