Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do we celebrate Valentine's Day ?

It's happy hearts day today! Flowers and chocolates are everywhere. Hotels and restaurants are fully booked. Traffic is terrible. Long ques in the counter. This is a typical scene during Valentine's Day.

I already received my bouquet of roses from hubby this morning around 10am. I got a call from our receptionist that I have flowers in the lobby. As expected, it's a bouquet of white roses. Just as I got back in my seat hubby called me. He didn't know that the flowers were already delivered. So I thanked him and we talked about our plans later.

We usually just go to a mall and find a resto that can accomodate us. But for today, he suggested that we just go home early and he'll just buy a special dinner for us. I on the otherhand, will buy the little girl her own flowers and the little boy some chocolates. I'm excited because it'll be our first time to celebrate Valentine's day with the kids. I wonder what will be hubby's reaction by that time when our little girl will be receiving flowers from admirers and the little boy will be giving chocolates to his ladylove. Ummm . . . just thinking . . .


Juliet said...

Hi Nol!

In response to your question in n@w. Please check out my blog:

Happy valentines day!!

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