Friday, February 8, 2008

A Wonder of the World . . . The VENETIAN

While resting the other night and both kids were asleep already, my husband and I were watching the cable channels when the VENETIAN ( the world’s largest casino ) was featured in National Geographic. Both of us were awed by the structure and how the interiors were built in such a short span of time. It costs $2.6B. I was toying on the idea to surprise my husband of a side trip to Macau just to marvel at the architectural wonder of the VENETIAN. I would also like to try my luck in the casino.

As a first timer in the casino, I know I would have a hard time because I don’t really even play simple card games. Then, I chanced upon an online casino in the net. I was very amazed by the wide selection of games and graphics of the on line casino. But before I actually tried it I was looking for some reviews for the best online casino sites available. One of them is Online Casino Links. It provides a detailed review of nearly 100 casinos online. They have categorized the sites according to their choice of best casinos online, best casinos by player votes and even casinos with best bonuses. The site is very helpful since it has a beginner’s guide for online gambling and even gambling tips. I appreciate this site especially that I’m going to try it for the first time. With this, I can say that on line casino got me ready for my ultimate play in the VENETIAN.

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