Thursday, February 7, 2008

Career Advancement . . .

The performance rating for 2007 was final and the new objectives and plans for 2008 were set already. It's that time of the year again when I begin to assess myself in terms of success in my career. Honestly, I can say that I'm satisfied with my performance though there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Currently, there is an opening for a supervisory position in Finance. Of course, the analysts are expecting that somebody within the group will be considered for the promotion. I can say that I'm one of them. However, lady luck doesn’t seem to smile on us. The managers are considering an external hiring for the position rather than someone within the organization. At first, I felt disappointed not just for myself but for everybody since we know that at least they could have given us the chance or at least explained to us the criteria for the selection. I personally think that the length of service and performance cannot be a basis for a promotion in the corporate world nowadays. They need someone who can take the department to the next level. A level that is new to me and my experience and credentials is not enough to consider myself for the said position. Now, I’m considering acquiring an MBA degree to prepare me for that next level. I know that it would help for my career advancement, which I really wanted all these years.

Just browsing through the net, I came upon the site of PCDI. PCDI provides students with a convenient way to earn a degree via distant learning One of the accredited university is Ashwort University, formerly Ashwort College. The online MBA program of Ashwort University is very convenient and fast way to take that very first step to my career advancement. With Ashwort University, I can enroll and start anytime. This means I would not have to wait for the school opening to start my MBA Degree. It also has an Interest-Free tuition, which suits my budget. I can also study on my schedule. I would not have to be on leave in my work just to be on class or to finish my schoolwork. The tutorial guidance is also at par with the industry. I would not get anything less than what I paid and most probably more than what I paid. Lastly I would graduate quickly which is the most important factor because in this way I can comfortably plan my career path and explore other industries as well.

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