Monday, February 11, 2008

On baby # 3 ? ? ?

Since JM has already turned two years old already, talks on baby # 3 comes up once in a while. Personally, I would really love to have more kids. I simply adore my kids. Both of them are very beautiful inside and out. Maybe another boy and a girl will do. But of course we have to consider a lot of things. Primarily is our financial capability.. Are we ready to have another baby at this time? Kaila will be entering school this coming June so a lot of new expenses will be coming our way. I know we can pull it through when it happens but it wouldn't be that easy for us. Unlike now that we can go on occasional trips with the kids that doesn't affect our daily budget and our savings for major expenses are not affected at all. As what hubby says, maybe we should wait for another year or two to have another baby so that we will be financially prepared for it.

Another thing that we should consider is the readiness of the kids. When I got pregnant with JM, Kaila was only 7 months. She was still a baby and yet an older sister in the making already. With this, we can see that Kaila has matured a lot. She is such a caring and loving sister to JM. We don't have any regrets on this since we can see that both the kids love each other so much. I think it's one advantage when the age gap is just little. But I think things are different when they are big already. I was asking Kaila the other day if she wants us to have another baby. Guess what? She bluntly answered, "NO!". I was asking her why but she doesn't give her reasons for answering no. I was telling her that another baby means another playmate and we would be happier with another baby. But still she doesn't want another baby. Oh, well . . . We'll just deal with this issue when we get there.

Another thing in consideration is my health. I got pregnant twice already in a matter of two straight years. We know that a lot happens in our body when we get pregnant. But I'm just a few of those lucky women who doesn't suffer much during pregnancy. I enjoyed both of my pregnancies though there were a few discomforts every now and then.

Up to now I'm still having those bad hair days. I still get to loss a lot of hair especially after a bath. But of course there are other factors aside from pregnancy that affects my condition. Of course there is stress. I am really not doing anything with my condition until I heard of PROVILLUS. I chanced upon this site on the net about provillus reviews. The advantages are very promising and tempting. As the review says, it is about 4/5 effective. Since it is taken orally, the effects are fast and results are visibly seen in just a month or two. Provillus is safe and at the same time the effect is long lasting. They even have a money back guarantee which only proves the credibility of the product.

Another physical after effect of pregnancy is the stretch mark. Though I don't have that much in my tummy, I have it in my buttocks area. I think it was due to my change in weight even prior to my pregnancies. Nowadays, a lot of stretch mark cream is out in the market. With my two previous pregnancies, I did not use any of those products so there were a few stretch marks on my tummy. I could have tried the most promising of these products, the REVITOL Stretch mark cream. It promises to prevent stretch marks when used during pregnancy. It is very safe since it's made of natural ingredients like squalene oil, Vit E and A, aloe vera and grapefruit see extract. So I have nothing to worry about on its side effects. Prevention is better than cure. But in my case, since I have it already Revitol can still help to minimize the scars and this will prevent more if in case I do get pregnant in the future.

At least, on my third pregnancy I already know the products that will help me prevent the physical side effects of pregnancy.

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Daphne said...

Great post,I just feel compelled to add one thing. The product you are speaking of is not necessarily the best choice for use during pregancy, they don't teratology screen. For the safest skin care for mom and baby during pregnancy, choose something that has been screened for teratogens-ingredients linked to birth defects.