Friday, February 29, 2008

More Hong Kong Pictures . . .

Hay, I've just finished uploading our Hong Kong pictures in webshots. It took me over an hour to upload all the pictures. I haven't edited it yet so there might be pictures that are blurred or some non-sense pictures. he he he . . . Anyway, here's the link :

Still need to do the detailed story of our Hong Kong adventure.

Hotel Reservations

After our Hong Kong trip last week, hubby and I are already planning of our next trip. Hubby enjoyed the weather in Hong Kong so he wants to go back there probably the same time of the year. Maybe we could include Macau and Shenzhen on our itinerary in our next trip. For our Hong Kong trip, I almost booked everything online from our flight to our hotel reservations. Booking online is very efficient and I highly recommend it. Browsing through the net, I chanced upon this site which offers great deals for travellers like me. Hotel is like a travel agent who'll deal with all your travelling needs. You can book your flights through them and choose from a wide variety of hotels and resorts. They even have car rentals and vacation packages available. This is really helpful on planning our next trip. Better start saving up for the next trip!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Journal of our Hong Kong Trip

It was a week after our Hong Kong trip. Here's a journal of our itinerary and a few pictures.

February 20 ( Wednesday )

- Departure from Manila via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 110.
- Arrived in Hong Kong before 10AM
- Checked-in at Shamrock Hotel at around 12:30pm
- Late lunch ( past 2pm ) at Mc Donald's along Nathan Road
- Malling in Miramar Centre and Parklane
- Bought some clothes for the kids in BOSSINI
- Went to Citygate Outlet at around 5pm
- Ate Dinner in the Citygate food court
- Back at the hotel at around 9:30pm

February 21 ( Thursday )

- Ocean Park Day
- Left the hotel at around 10:30AM
- Went to a 7-11 store to check the Octopus Card of hubby
- Had an early lunch in Yoshinoya
- Arrived in Ocean Park at around 12 noon
- Stayed in Ocean Park until the closing at 6pm
- Ate dinner in Café de Coral at the Admiralty Centre
- Went to the night market in Mongkok
- Bought some stuffs in ESPRIT outlet store and BOSSINI
- Back at the hotel at around 10pm

February 22 ( Friday )

- The Peak Day
- Left the hotel at around 10:00AM
- Had a brunch in Mc Donald's
- Arrived at the Peak at around 12 noon
- Went around for picture taking
- Went to Madame Tussaud's
- Left the Peak at around 3pm
- Went to Tsim Sha Tsui area
- Ate our late lunch in Pizza Hut
- Went to Marco Polo Gateway where the Toys R Us is
- Went to the Avenue of Stars for the Symphony of Lights
- Went to the night market in Mongkok
- Hubby bought his stuffs in BOSSINI and GIORDANO
- Back at the hotel at around 11:30pm

February 23 ( Saturday )

- The "D" Day
- Everybody woke up late including JM
- Checked out at Shamrock at around 11:30AM
- Had lunch in Café de Coral within the Nathan road area
- Went back to Shamrock to get our luggage and headed to DISNEYLAND
- Arrived in Disneyland around 2pm
- Went to the park at around 3pm just in time for the parade
- Ate dinner in Starliner Adventure
- Went back to the hotel at around 9pm
- The kids played in the Malibu Toy Shop before we went to the room just before 10pm
- Hubby and I were thinking if we would extend or not ( he he he . . . )
- Hubby wants to go back to Citygate to buy some stuffs

February 24 ( Sunday )

- We woke up early for the breakfast at Enchanted Garden in Disneyland Hotel
- Arrived in Enchanted at past 8am already
- Ate breakfast while waiting for the Disney characters for the picture taking
- Went around the Disneyland hotel after breakfast
- Went back to Disney Hollywood Hotel to pack up our things
- Checked out at around 12noon and went to the park for the other attractions
- Ate lunch / snacks in Starliner Adventure
- Went back to the hotel at around 5pm to get our luggage and headed to the airport
- Our flight is at 7:25pm via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 119. The flight was delayed by about 35 minutes
- Arrived at the NAIA at around 9:45pm
- We're home at almost midnight

I'll just post a more detailed kwento and the rest of the pictures. I haven't uploaded it yet in webshots.