Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back Track . . . Part 2

May 17 - Kaila's assessment and enrollment

As previously posted, we were supposed to enrol Kaila in the summer class but this didn't push through. The ten sessions that was referred to over the phone were the non-academic courses. The academic courses would last for a month as well so Philip and I decided not to push through because Kaila will have a little time to rest in between the summer class and the opening of the regular class in June. Kaila was assessed through a test but Kaila was not answering at all to think that we even had a review and a rehearsal prior to that. I know Kaila knows all the answers but she wouldn't say a word to teacher Liza. Anyway, understandable as what teacher Liza said. Most of the kids are really like that but come the 2nd or 3rd week or regular school everybody would be playing around. The funny thing is teacher Liza was also talking to JM and my little boy was answering. They kept on talking to the two kids until the topic became singing and dancing. I tried to play the "papaya song" from my celfone and both kids danced. Kaila danced and JM followed. The people were so happy to see the two kids perform. Nagmukhang audition tuloy sa talent search ang assessment ni Kaila.

Since Kaila didn't answer during the assessment she'll be enrolled under Junior Casa. According to teacher Liza, they have an acceleration program. So if they can see that the child is ready and will be able to cope up with the higher level, they can accelerate the child.

While daddy and the kids are chatting with teacher Liza, I was already paying the tuition fees, books and uniform. Did a few queries on some things and issues. The mom was so excited at this point since Kaila is officially a school girl come June. After this, we treated the kids to a nearby Jollibee and had their favourite snacks. We went home afterwards.

May 23 - Friday Night Out

It was a busy week for me. I even stayed up late in the office to think it was Friday already. Philip and his officemates were out in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Instead of them having a summer outing they agreed to use their subsidy to just eat out. Since they were just nearby, I told hubby that we could meet in time for dinner. I'll treat him to Poquito Mas so he'll get a taste of my favourite sisig. I was in Paseo de Sta. Rosa past 7pm. I went strolling around trying to look for a gift to hubby. I went to National bookstore first to buy a birthday card. I went from store to store but I don't know what to buy. I went to Poquito Mas around 8pm so that I can order our dinner just in time for hubby's arrival. I ordered my favourite sisig and the spicy shrimp pasta. Since Philip was on a diet already (he was diagnosed to be diabetic last month), I didn't order that much. I'm not even sure if he'll rice since he's not eating dinner anymore except for oatmeal and fruits. Philip arrived a little past 8pm just in time after our order was served. He ate a little and told me to finish everything. Huh? The sisig and the shrimp pasta is good for 2 to 3 persons and he wants me to finish it! Anyway, since both are my favourites I tried to eat as much as I can but still I can't finish everything. While eating he told me that we'll stay since his staff will still have their drinking session. I asked him if it's alright to join them. He said yes so we stayed until midnight and enjoyed the band that night. Every Friday is party time in Paseo de Sta. Rosa and it was my first time to experience it. Hubby and I enjoyed the night and we're thinking that we should do it regularly- going out just the two of us. ( I still have to work out on this since I would feel guilty if we go out without the kids ).

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