Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Relaxing Weekend . . .

We didn't have much too do last weekend. I can say that I was able to rest and regain my energy for the coming week. Last Saturday, we just went to SM Sta. Rosa to buy some kitchen stuffs and clothes for the kids since hubby got his semi-annual allowance :) It was also a treat for Kaila since she can now be left alone inside the classroom. Hurray! ! ! Just as we arrived in SM, my mom was calling in our PLDT prepaid phone. Good thing that I brought the phone with me. They were supposed to go to our house so I just told them we can just meet in SM. After buying the stuffs that we need, we just went around and brought merienda for the kids. As usual it's Jollibee fries and burger. We went home afterwards, leaving our two yayas to watch the promo tour of Sara and John Lloyd.

Last Sunday, we woke up late. I think it was my first time to woke up that late in a long time. It was a refreshing experience. I was still having a bad cold that day so hubby was kinda pampering me that day. He went to the office for a while and returned around 3pm. JM and I had an afternoon nap together. We were awaken by dada's arrival. Hubby told me that he'll cook tinola for me so that I can have a sip of a hot soup which will be good for my cold. Hubby also brought me some chocolate bars ( I love chocolates ! ). I love it when he's pampering me. I jokingly told him that I realized that I don't need to get pregnant again to be pampered by him. he he he . . . Thinking about it, it was always hubby who really exerts the effort to be sweet and thoughtful. Need to do some "bawi" for hubby.

The two kids just played outside with their bikes while we were having merienda. Hubby brought some munchkins and ice cream. It was just a perfect day for the whole family.

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