Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back Track . . . Part 3

May 25 - Philip's birthday weekend

Philip and I decided to go out this Sunday to celebrate his birthday. Philip has been requesting me for us to go to Trinoma for the longest time so I agreed even though it's quite too far already. Since it's his birthday celebration I have to give in to his request. We planned to leave early but as always we left our house at way past 10am already. We arrived in Trinoma almost noon just in time for lunch. We were not craving for anything special so we just bought Chickenjoy for the kids and Reyes BBQ chicken for us. After lunch, we just strolled around to see the stores in the mall. After a while, we went to Starbucks and have our Mocha Frappes. The kids had their first sip of Starbucks coffee as well. After this we strolled around again and went to Time Zone ( not sure if the play area was Time Zone ). The kids rode the carousel and played their favourite games inside. Of course they enjoyed it a lot. After this a little more strolling then we went to Toys R Us. The kids played again inside and each one of them bought toys for themselves. After this, we decided to take a rest in one of the lounge area then Philip and Kaila went to get some snacks in Taco Bell. JM had his milk and he fell asleep. After our snacks, we just strolled for more and went home around 6pm.

May 26 - Philip's 33rd Birthday

Hubby's birthday was a Monday so both of us were on vacation leave to spend the day with the kids. Since we were tired from our malling the day before, we decided that we'll just eat out for lunch together with my mom and dad. I have prepared nothing special for hubby. I have not bought any gift for him yet. Me and the kids just woke him up with a kiss and greetings. We actually woke up late than the usual since we were tired from the previous day's activities. Hubby and I had a light breakfast together since we know that we'll be eating out for lunch. My mom and dad arrived in our house past 11 am. Everybody was ready by the time they arrived. Hubby and I decided to eat just within the area and Paseo de Sta. Rosa was the nearest place to dine in. Since we are with my mom, dad and Philip's lola, we chose Rose and Grace. We ordered chopsuey, lechon kawali, fresh lumpia, tuna belly and I can't remember the other stuffs that we ordered. I was not able to take pictures of us. While eating, my dad suggested that we go to Tagaytay afterwards. Of course we said yes so that the kids can go to residence inn to see the zoo. On our way to Tagaytay, it started to rain. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. It was like a typhoon already. By the time we were in Tagaytay there was zero visibility because of the fog. We can't see the Taal Volcano as well. Since the rain has not stopped, we decided not to proceed with the plan and just go back to our place. On our way back, we went to Rowena's and bought some mini buco pies and ube pies and other pastries. We just went back to Paseo de Sta. Rosa and strolled around. I was able to buy Kaila her Havaianas to be used in school. This was included in their grooming kit list. JM doesn't have his size but I promised to buy him when there's a size available already. The outlet in Paseo has a lower price of around P150 to P200 compared to mall prices. The kids rode again the carousel and they really enjoy riding the carousel now. After a while, we went home and my parents stayed in time for meryenda. The celebration was simple but hubby and I really prefer to spend our time with the kids. Looking forward to more bonding times with them.

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