Friday, July 4, 2008

Kaila in School

It's already July and I haven't posted anything yet about Kaila's schooling. Kaila started schooling last June 16, 2008. She is currently in Junior Casa in St. John's Wort Montessori School.

During her first day in school, hubby and I were both on vacation leave to be with her in school. We woke up late since Kaila's schedule is from 1:30pm to 3:30 pm. After we had our breakfast, I started to prepare Kaila's things. I started with her baon. Hubby really instructed me to do my specialty for Kaila's baon - "pancakes". . . ha ha ha . . . As hubby said, we can buy all sorts of food for the little girl but it will always be different if I prepared her baon personally. She wanted Kaila to feel special so mommy prepared pancakes for her baon. After this, I prepared her clothes and bag. Kaila woke up almost 11am already. She took a bathe first and continued with her daily routine the usual way. I started to dress her up around noon, I guess. My mom and dad will be bringing us to the school. Imagine, the lolo, the lola, mom and dad, JM and the yaya was with Kaila during her first day in school.

We arrived early in school. There were a lot of kids already waiting for the time to enter their classroom. When it was time, we sent Kaila inside the classroom together with teacher Janet. She was seated on her table already. After a while, we saw her crying already. She was just crying silently and wiping her tears with her handkerchief. I told hubby that I'll go inside the room first to talk to Kaila. Parents and yaya's were allowed on the first week of school. When I went inside the room I was not able to go outside already. Kaila wants me to be in the room. Since it was her first day, I told myself that it's just ok and normal for her to have this separation anxiety. Anyway, I took the opportunity to take pictures and video of her first day experience. I'm so proud of her because she was participating in the activities and she was even waving in the video when she feels like it.

Around 3pm, after their snacks, I went outside for a while to check on JM. Since there were many of us inside I brought along JM with me when I went back to the room. JM was playing around the room and went to the mini library inside the room and got some books. He sat on the floor while reading his chosen books. After a while the children were gathered around again for their last sets of songs and they said their prayer already.

I can say Kaila's first day experience was fun and fruitful. I am looking forward to her stories as she goes to school all by herself.

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