Monday, June 30, 2008

Back Track . . . Part 1

I need to do some backtracking on the events that happened last month. Here are the major events that took place:

May 4 - My Dad's 64th birthday
We spent the afternoon in my parent's house in Canlubang. It was just another simple family get together. It was a sumptuous lunch and a pm snack with the whole family. Of course the kids enjoyed the cake blowing.

May 10 - Ford Family Day in Island Cove

We were supposed to leave at around 7am in the morning but my parents got caught up in a traffic jam on their way to our house. They arrived past 8am already so we left at around 8:30am. We were with my mom, my dad, my youngest sister, my nephew, our yaya and the two kids. We arrived in Island Cove at around 10am already. We ate first the morning snack before doing any activity. After that we went to the animal island wildlife sanctuary. The kids enjoyed watching the animals especially the crocodile. Kaila even touched the baby croc. It was already noon so the weather was very hot. We didn't go the the butterfly farm and other areas. We went back to our table to had our lunch. After lunch, we changed to our swimming attires and off we went to the swimming pool area. I knew that Kaila wouldn't swim but when she saw the swimming pool she was sort of enticed to swim. JM was the first one to swim. When it was Kaila's turn, of course she cried. She don't want to swim because the water was cold. Anyway, Kaila and I went back to our cottage and changed her clothes already. I left her with my dad since my mom was out with my nephew as well. I went back to the pool and joined JM and hubby. We went swimming for about two hours I guess. Funny thing is JM was able to sleep in the pool for about 30 minutes. After our swim, we went back to our place to dress up. On our way to our table, Kaila and Wacks was with my mom in the play area. Both of them didn't swim. We fixed ourselves and had our pm snacks. We still have a lot of food stubs for Potato corner and cotton candies but the line was too long so we didn't claim it na lang. On our way to the parking area, we saw the sports center where the bowling alleys are so the kids and their dad went inside. The two were so excited because they thought they can play bowling as what they usually do in Timezone. It was almost 5pm when we left Island Cove. Thanks to the Daang Hari road because travel time is really cut short by around 30 to 45 minutes. We were home before 7pm.

Here are some of our pictures :

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