Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Parent - Teacher Meeting

Last Saturday, we were scheduled to have our first parent-teacher meeting with Teacher Liza. Initially, the plan was that hubby and I will just go to school without the kids. But some things happened again with my other yaya and we were left with no choice but to bring the two kids along. When we arrived teacher Liza was still in session with another parent. We waited for around 10 minutes before hubby and I went to Kai's classroom together with teacher Liza. The two kids were left in the office with my other yaya.

The discussion aims to give us parents an idea on how our kids are doing in school after about a month. Of course the first discussion was regarding Kaila's attitude of being left alone inside the classroom. Teacher Liza of course was happy that there was already a big improvement on Kaila. She can now be left alone inside the classroom as long as there's an assurance that ate is waiting for her outside. But there's really a need for improvement on Kaila's social skills. She's still so timid and shy in class. That's why they would get excited when Kaila participates actively in class. According to Teacher Liza, Kaila still needs a lot of coaching and convincing before she would do some of their activities. Teacher showed us some of Kaila's paper works and crafts. But as what Teacher Liza said, she doesn't want to put pressure on the kids that's why I'm not bothered as of the moment for Kaila. The main reason why we enrolled her in school is really to have an experience to be with other kids. I just want her to enjoy schooling first.

There were further discussion on the "Montesorri way" of teaching. Always expect a discussion with hubby on any topic. But it was a good discussion and it was a learning experience for us parents as well. We are looking forward to our next meeting and we hope that Kaila will do better each day in school.

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