Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Separation Anxiety . . . An update ! ! !

I am proud to say that finally, Kaila has adjusted to school! She's now left alone inside the classroom without any "crying spell" before or after the class. Although she would have tantrums at home while the yaya's preparing her for school. At times, they would have a hard time to dress her up or fix her hair. Anyway, what is important is that she goes to school and she enjoys the activities.

Last night, she was even singing songs from school. I make it a point to ask her how her day was in school and I ask how's Caira and Kane ( her crying buddies ). She would reply, "wala na silang ate. Si Kaila wala na ring ate". At least she can say that now without being teary eyed. I always say very good everytime she would say that. I also make it a point to tell her how exciting it is to go to school. Right now, I can see that Kaila will be a good student as she always wants us to have her "study session" with me or with yaya.

Looking forward to more learning experiences with my daughter.

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Tricia said...

Congrats Nol! Finally, your worries are over : )