Monday, January 21, 2008

A Weekend Get-Away . . .

It was a long weekend for us. Last Friday, we went to my parents house in Canlubang since my yaya needs to go to Camp Vicente Lim and settle the "passport issue" ( this will be another topic to be discussed once settled ). She left after lunch and back at around 4pm. So, I was yayaless for about four hours with the two kids. Though I can say that it was not that difficult as compared to previous months. I think both kids have matured in a way. We were home before 7pm because I still need to fix our things for the following day. I tried to pack as light as I can. But still ended up with three bags though the last bag is just the baby couture bag which I used as our day bag.

Saturday morning, we were up at around 7am. Philip still went out for a while to do some errands in the office. He was back at around 9am. This time Kaila was still asleep. Philip and I had our brunch since we want to leave as soon as we can so that we can still go malling before the show. But we ended up leaving the house just before noon. Kaila woke up late and JM had her nap. We don't want to disrupt their sleeping schedule so that they won't have tantrums in the afternoon.

We were in Malayan Plaza just before 2pm. Just in time for our check-in though I already requested for an early check-in. Upon arrival in our room ( 1 bedroom suite ) I unpacked our things and off we were to Megamall. We still need to do some fixings with our digicam. We spent about an hour going from one shop to another. I was beginning to get impatient so Philip just told me to eat first and he'll be the one to fix the digicam. We just ate in McDonalds so that we can finish right away. It was almost 4pm when we left Megamall. I was really praying that there would be no untoward incident that would cause a horrendous traffic. We can't be late in the show!

We were in Araneta entrance at about 4:15pm. As in just in time! The show started promptly at 4:30pm. Everybody was clapping and yelling upon the sight of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. I was looking at Kaila, and I think she was star strucked! She was looking intensely at them but with a smile on her face. She was so excited to watch this show and now they are in front of her. JM on the otherhand, would clap everytime he hears the crowd clapping. Philip and I were both happy for the kids. We know not all kids will be given that opportunity to see those Disney characters. It even made us more excited for our HongKong trip next month.

The show was really an adventure. The guests were transported into the magical world of Disney's "Lion King", "101 Dalmatians", "Little Mermaid", "Lilo and Stitch" and "Peter Pan". The audience were taken into different locations like the London cityscape, a colorful tropical island, the underwater kindom and the Savannah of Africa. Of course, we enjoyed the moves of the skaters as they swing and dance to familiar tunes. There were quite a numbers of effects as well that amazed the kids ( especially Peter Pan flying around ). The show lasted for almost two hours though there was a break in between. I can say that the whole family enjoyed the show.

After the show, we headed to Greenhills to buy some stuffs and we had our dinner there as well. We ate in Casa Reyes restaurant expecting that it would be as sumptuous as Serye or Reyes BBQ. But to our dismay, it was not that good. The chicken and pork BBQ tastes differently. Oh, well at least now we know. I don't think we would eat there again. We were back in the hotel at almost 10pm already.

We just cleaned up the kids and put them to sleep. Hubby and I were suppose to go out somewhere but since it was drizzling we just went to Starbucks in Podium and had an intimate talk over a glass of coffee. Seldom do we really get to talk heart to heart. As in how do we feel about the family, about work, what are your plans, how do you see the kids and other stuffs. We went back to the hotel at almost 2am already. What happened after ? ? ? Secret . . . (wink)

Sunday morning, we were up at 7am. JM would really be the first one to wake up in the family. He was just playing around while Ate Kai was still asleep. We then asked our yaya to have her breakfast outside since the buffet breakfast is just for hubby and me. When Kaila was awakened both the kids were playing around the room and watching the TV. Yaya was back at almost 9am already. We asked her to buy something for the kids in Jollibee. ( JM's first words include Jollibee ) While they were eating we had our buffet breakfast in Bistro. It was just a so, so breakfast though hubby enjoyed the steamed fish.

After breakfast, we headed on the 33rd floor to check the pool and the play area. It was ok so we went back to the room and changed to our swimming attires. We brought the kids to the play area first before dipping into the pool. It was only us so the kids enjoyed the slides, the seesaw and other stuffs by themselves. After a while, we headed to the pool. As usual, Kaila wouldn't want to take a dip since the water was so cold. She would not even walk on the stairs ( porma lang talaga si Ate Kaila ). JM on the otherhand, wouldn't want to go first as well. Little by little he was playing with his feet until he was wet all over and he would walk around the kiddie pool already. We were not really able to convince Kaila to swim.

After this, we went back to the room and each one of us took a bath while I was fixing our stuffs already. JM fell asleep after the bath. Kaila went back to the play area while JM was still asleep. Our check out time is 1pm. It was raining again. We decided just to go home straight and not go malling anymore so that we'll have time to rest. We were home at around 3pm.

The weekend was quite tiring but we enjoyed it as a family. No regrets of tagging along both kids and spending extra money for the hotel and the extra ticket of yaya. Everybody was happy!

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