Monday, January 28, 2008


I have been into blogging for more than three months. I have been blog hopping for the longest time but never had the guts to have my own not until recently that I was not able to resist the urge to blog on what is happening to me and my family. It was really exciting and fun and at the same time it has introduced me to a lot of new friends. I was able to get myself updated on what is happening to most of them. It's really like having friends and having had the chance to be with them though we don't see each other in person.

Another benefit of blogging is having the chance to blog for money. Most of my fellow bloggers are already into it and I can't resist the temptation to enroll my blog to earn additional income for me. I was really happy to get my very first approval with SMORTY. Smorty is just one of the many paid blogging sites that provides opportunities for bloggers like me. Fellow bloggers really attests that they get paid a decent amount of money for blogging.

Blog advertising is a competent way for advertisers to introduce new products and services at an insignificant cost. A big number of advertisers are into or toying in the idea of Blog advertising since it is cost efficient and very much effective. In this case SMORTY binds advertisers and the bloggers. The blogger just have to blog his/her opinion and post this with links to the advertisers.

I just don't blog for the money but also for the exchange of opinion or views regarding certain products and services products from the web. In this way we help the advertisers to come up with better products and services because the BLOGGERS will have their valuable insight concerning the advertisers which in turn can be used to further improve their merchandise and service.

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