Wednesday, January 9, 2008

December 30th . . .

It was our fourth year wedding anniversary last December 30. We started the day by watching our wedding video with the kids. It was funny watching it over and over. You'll be remembering the details again and again. Everything seems new but it was four years ago already.

After taking care of the sick kids, I think we deserve to have this day to ourselves. After having our brunch, we prepared ourselves and we're off to Makati and do some malling in Glorietta. We also need to do some shopping for the Kris Kringle on New Year's celebration.

It was just a simple day. We heard mass in Greenbelt in the afternoon. Strolled in the mall and ate our dinner.

To Philip, belated happy anniversary! I'm so happy for all the times that we've been together. I'm so proud of what and where we are right now. We've gone through a lot in the past years and we are now enjoying the fruits of all our hardships and sacrifices. I love you so much!

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