Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reminiscing Highschool Life . . .

We are nearing the month of March which is the graduation season. Exactly fifteen years ago, it was our time to march and receive our highschool diplomas. Highschool graduation is indeed one of the most memorable milestone in a person's life. It is when you establish friendship that would really last for so long. In my case, I still do keep in touch with my highschool cirle of friends as well as my other batchmates. We have our own e-group so that we get updates on each other's lives.

Lately, it has been a discussion to celebrate our special year. Somebody suggested that we do something for a cause. They wanted to do some sort of a medical mission since many of our batchmates are in the medical field so we won't have any difficulty with this activity. Some are suggesting to do some solicitation and we'll just buy stuffs to be distributed to the less fortunates.

With this, I'd like to suggest to the group for us to have a commemorative shirt of this activity. I should be looking for supplier of wholesale shirts so that it wouldn't be an added task to those who are planning.

Let's wait and see what will transpire in this special event.

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