Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Day Celebration

My parents and siblings were early in the house. All of us were still asleep when they came. I woke up ahead of everybody to start preparing our stuff. Of course it will be a bagful of stuffs for the kids. JM woke up first so I started to fix him. Gave him a bathe and dressed him up. Of course he was not able to open his gifts last night so it's time for him to open the gifts. He has a handful of gifts ( clothes, toys and bags ). Santa's gift was a red remote controlled car. He had two cars because Ninong Charlie ( my BIL ) gave him a remote controlled car as well.

While they were enjoying the opening of gifts I sneaked out to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast. Of course it's the left overs from the noche buena. :) Philip was awaken next then Kaila. We all fixed ourselves and had a picture taking moment before heading to Pasig. We left at already past 10AM.

Since it was a no traffic day, we were there ( Ciudad Grande ) in just over an hour of travel. My uncle and my cousins were there immediately to welcome us. It feels nice to see them again. We really don't see them that often unlike my cousins in Cavite. We stayed for awhile first in my cousin's house since the party will be held in the clubhouse. We thought that it's just going to be a simple get together but it seems many will be attending.

We went to the clubhouse past noon already. It was just a walking distance from their place. Personally, I was surprised to see that the place was arranged with tables & chairs, tarps and the food was catered. What we thought as a simple get together turns out to be something more special. Guests started to arrive though it was mostly the relatives of my auntie so ( wife of my uncle - mother side ) it was really us only and their family who belongs to the Espolong clan.

The program was just informal. It was initially hosted by the sister of my auntie. We had an opening prayer and the cue to start the meal followed as it was way past noon already. After the sumptuous meal, the program resumed. My cousins were introduced and welcomed. They came from Pakistan, Korea and Singapore. One of my cousins on the otherhand is the head chef in MalacaƱang. So the kids and adults alike had their "pamasko" from each of them. There were several games for all the kids and adults. Monetary prizes were courtesy of my cousins. The finale was a raffle courtesy of the sister of my auntie ( she works for Erap - so dami nya pera ). We really waited for the raffle hoping we'll win. But we were not that lucky enough.

While the program is on-going of course we had a chit-chat with my cousins. Some updates about their lives and our lives . . . It's just nice to know that most of them are all successful in their own fields. My cousin who works in MalacaƱang has gone to many places already including Europe. He always goes with the President's entourage (local and international destinations). Hubby was trying to fish some "tsismis" from him but to no avail. he he he . . . My other cousin worked in DFA in Pakistan for six years. He and his family is now here because they have to wait where will be his next assignment. My cousin in Singapore is a board top notcher in ECE so he's also successful there right now. I just forgot the name of the company he's working for.

It's also nice to see our own kids. We also met for the first time the wife of my cousin from Singapore. It was also a time to reminisce "our" times when we were just kids. How time really flies so fast!

As I said we just waited for the raffle and we're off home after. I guess it was around 4pm already when we left. I can say that we enjoyed it very much and hopefully there will be a next time soon.

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