Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year's Eve Celebration

This year we decided to celebrate new year's eve with my family in Canlubang ( this might be their last in the PI? - who knows they might get their visas this year already ). It was only our second year to celebrate it at home since we always spend the new year's eve in Cavite with my aunts. They don't want my dad to be driving in the wee hours of the morning after the celebration.

In the morning of the 31st, I started to clean up the house before we leave in the afternoon. I texted my mom to fetch us once the kids had their afternoon naps already. I'm sure they won't sleep if we go there early. The two kids and my nephew we'll be having the time of their lives again once they are all together. I cleaned up the house, fixed some stuffs, prepared our overnight bags as we are heading to Cavite the following day.

JM was asleep already by noon. Kaila was kinda late but better than not having any sleep at all. When both kids were awakened, I dressed them up comfortably and texted my mom that we are ready. Philip also arrived home as he reported to work for a while. My yaya won't be coming with us since she'll be going to her sister in Taguig. We are yayaless for a day! (hope it wouldn't be a thing for 2008 ).

We checked everything is closed before we left the house. On the way, we bought some fireworks as my parents told me that they were not able to buy anything though my sister bought a few. As expected, the kids were all over the place when we arrived our house in Canlubang. The sound system was already in the garage so it'll be videoke time once again. My mom was cooking the media noche - pancit, molo soup, fruit/buco salad, hams & sausages.

While the kids were playing, we sneaked out to the kitchen to prepare the refrigerated cake that I brought. I just brought all the ingredients and we made it there since there was no more space in our refrigerator already. Once in a while the kids will interrupt but we were able to finish it as scheduled.

When all the foods were cooked already, we had our dinner first and fixed the kids after. I dressed them up already and we were in the garage already for the videoke session. Once in a while we would turn on the tv to catch the new year's celebration on various locations. We remembered last new year's eve celebration when we were in Ayala to witness the countdown. It was really a different experience. We plan to do it again next year ( hopefully walang kokontra ).

Firecrakers and fireworks were all over 30 minutes before midnight. Kaila was very much afraid that we won't go out of the garage. I was not able to see the nice fireworks as Kaila would cry out loud everytime I would try to sneak at the fireworks outside. JM on the otherhand was out on the street with his dad. They were able to see all the fireworks displays.

At the strike of 12:01, we were all jumping and greeting each other " Happy New Year "! My mom had the usual pasabog of coins after. As usual, eating time comes next. Though the foods were all over I didn't eat that much. Parang nakakasawa rin kasi. Hahanapin mo na lang yun pag tapos na lahat ng celebrations.

Kaila and my nephew were asleep right after the celebration because they didn't sleep that much in the afternoon. It was only JM who was in the centerstage this time. He's running around and playful as he is keeps on playing and playing as they were able to catch a few hours of sleep before the celebration. Everybody's in the sleeping mood already and JM is still very much awake. Luckily, we were able to put him to sleep easily.

It was again a simple celebration but what is important is the completeness of our family.

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