Friday, January 4, 2008

An epidemic ? ? ?

Just as we're about to sleep after a tiring Christmas day, Kaila vomited. I just thought because she drank softdrinks (courtesy of yaya) and she hadn't eaten a decent meal within the day. I think she only drank about 2 or 3 bottles of milk the whole day already. Then, we're off to sleep already.

At 1 am I was awaken because Kaila started to vomit again. She was crying so JM was awaken as well. Both kids were crying in the middle of the night! Then, I have to change the bedsheets and all. Kainis! Anyway, I changed Kaila's clothes and we went back to sleep after fixing everything. At 4am, I was awaken again since Kaila vomited again. This time I'm beginning to worry. I'm suppose to have an appointment that day but I decided to cancel it cause I know that I need to stay home first given Kaila's condition. After this, we were able to sleep longer.

Philip has to report to work and JM was awake but I was really so sleepy and tired. I only remembered Philip kissed me goodbye and he was already carrying JM. The yaya took charge of JM first. Kaila and I were awake about 10am already. I was hoping she'd be well already. I was giving him a bottle of milk first but she refused. She wants juice. I don't want to give in first cause I know it wouldn't be good for her. But she's very persistent so I gave him an apple juice. She was not even finished yet and she started to vomit again. As in everything! She was crying again. This is her first time to experience this.

After a while, I was convincing her to drink her milk instead. Although I was afraid she might vomit again. She drank her milk and luckily she didn't vomit. I was just observing her situation. What I have observed is that if she drinks something cold she would vomit and if it's milk she won't. That's why I didn't allow her to drink juices. But because of her persistence, I would give in to her request so she would vomit again. I think two more times. I already texted Philip to come home early. He was home at about 4pm.
We were already planning of bringing Kaila to the hospital to ensure that she would be ok. But Kaila doesn't want to. After some discussion, we just decided to observe Kaila overnight and see her condition. We are not that really worried as compared to JM's condition the last time that he was sick. I think she didn't vomit anymore although she had fever already.

On the 27th, Kaila was better. She didn't vomit the whole night and she has no fever already. Everything was ok already the whole day. Thank God she was not hospitalized! Just when we thought that everything was fine it was JM's turn to vomit. At first, I thought he just was just overfed. But the same thing happened to JM. We don't know what caused this series of vomiting with the two kids.

When I informed my mom what happened to the kids, I learned that my nephew's condition was the same, two of my grandchildren ( children of my pamangkins ) in Cavite as well and other kids in the neighborhood has the same condition. Was it an outbreak? or what?

Anyway, JM's condition got better after a day. We almost brought him to the hospital but remembering what he went through during his first hospitalization we decided to take care of him in the house instead.

Hay, what should have been an enjoyable vacation turned out to be a stressful period for us. Luckily, the kids were ok and no need for hospitalization.

When I got back to work I also learned that other kids had the same condition. One of my office mates had her daughter hospitalized for a day or two with the same condition. We were really thankful that the kids were ok and they are healthy as before already. They have already gained the weight they have lost during that period. Chubby chubby na ulit ang mga cheeks nila.

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