Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Double good news ! ! !

We had our monthly all employee meeting this morning. Most of the time I wouldn't attend this meeting because I have more important things to do. But this morning, most of the people from Finance attended because we know that the variable bonus will be announced already.

We were already expecting something but of course we need the formal announcement. After discussing all the metrics our variable bonus to date is 2.26 months. This may still change cause there are still pending items that are awaiting for the result. The 2.26 months may go up or go down depending on the final ranking based on the annual performance review.

The other good news is that the variable bonus will be given earlier since usually it is given every 25th of March. But since it will be Holy Week prior to that the HR department decided to give it earlier since most of the employees will be out already for vacation.

Yipee! ! ! Mucho, mucho na naman . . .

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