Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Early Christmas Celebration

In previous years, we would normally spend the 25th with my relatives (father side) in Cavite. This year, we were there on the 24th as the 25th was reserved by my relatives (mother side) in Pasig since my cousins working abroad are all here for the first time altogether after so many years.

On the morning of the 24th, we were fetched by my parents going to Cavite. We were expected to be there before lunch. Thank God for the Daang Hari road. Our usual travel time ( Carmona-Dasma-Imus-Bacoor) was reduced to half. We were just in time for lunch. Our meals include kare-kare, camaron and other seafood specialties of my tita. In the family, she's the one who can really cook well. Name it and she can do it. Desserts include fruit / buco salad and ube halaya. We were so full after the sumptuous meal.

After lunch, we already distributed our gifts for our inaanaks and the kids received a lot of gifts as well from my cousins and their children. At the same time, they were preparing the names for our yearly kris kringle during the new year celebration. I asked hubby if we will join because I'm not sure if we will be spending the New Year there. He said we'll join the kris kringle.

For merienda, they bought a special bibingka and we ate some of the desserts during lunch as well. After merienda, we were already off going home as we still need to prepare the noche buena. My dad was asking if we were still coming home with them but we beg off since we don't have much time already to prepare the food for noche buena.

At home, Philip started to prepare the spaghetti sauce right away. I also asked my yaya to prepare the ingredients for the chicken-macaroni salad that I'll be preparing. While they were in the kitchen the lolo and lola asked the kids to open the gifts already. I stressed that not all the gifts will be opened. They just wanted to see if the gifts would fit well with the kids. Obviously their gifts are clothes for the kids. It was a red (San Beda) jacket for JM and a pink dress for Kaila. Picture taking followed.

As usual, Kaila took the centerstage again. She willingly posed for the picture taking. A model in the making yata ang anak ko. At least marami ng career na pagpipilian. From videoke queen to a fashion model. JM on the otherhand is very difficult to handle during picture taking. It's either wala sya sa picture or paalis sya from the scene. Di mapirmi sa isang lugar!

When my parents and siblings have left, we started to fix the house. Clean up a little bit. Prepare the stuffs for the noche buena. In time, we were already preparing ourselves for the evening mass. JM was already sleepy so I told hubby that we'll just leave JM because it will be difficult for him to come and I'm sure that we will be standing the whole time during the mass. At first, he was hesitant to leave JM but when he saw JM peacefully sleeping he just asked our yaya to be with JM. It was only me, Philip and Kaila who went to hear the mass.

Kaila was such a good girl during the entire celebration. I know she's very tired and sleepy as well but these were overcomed of her excitement to open her gifts including the one from Santa. After the celebration, we went straight home and JM was in deep sleep already. I asked hubby if we would wake him up but he said just to let JM sleep because we would have a hard time to put him back to sleep.

Philip and I were in the kitchen preparing our food. We have yet to put the gift of Santa. Our meal includes spaghetti, chicken-macaroni salad, ham, cheese and lots of chocolates! While Kaila's eating, I sneaked out for a while to put Santa's gift on the tree.

After our meal, we went back to the sala to open our gifts. Kaila was very delighted to see Santa's gift. It was a Disney Princess rubber shoes ( just what she requested ). She opened the other gifts mostly school stuffs since they know that Kaila will be going to school already this year. JM was not able to open his gifts. Of course the finale would be our exchange of gifts. I was able to surprise hubby with my gift although he has it on his guesses. It was a Carolina Herrera for Men Classic perfume gift set. Hubby's gift for me on the other hand was an Anne Klein wrist watch.

More than the gifts, we are very happy spending Christmas at home with a complete and healthy family.

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