Thursday, August 14, 2008

Update on Bien . . .

We visited Bien last night in Asian Hospital. Majority of the Finance department was there so the fifth floor lounge area was exclusively for us. We came in batch by batch and we were the last who came in so we were the last one who left as well. We had the time to really talk to Marivic on the series of events.

Bien's condition right now is quite stable. He had his first session of chemotheraphy yesterday that's why he is in "reverse isolation". According to his hematologist, Bien's leukemia is still in the early stage and still curable. They are just waiting for a few more days to ensure Bien's stability and they will be discharged from the hospital already.

All of us our hoping that Bien will respond well on the program so that in three years time, everything will be back to normal again. That was the timeline according to the doctor for his leukemia to be healed.

The family is very much overwhelmed on the support they are getting. A lot were visiting Bien in the hospital and they get text messages from a lot of friends and supporters. We'll continously pray for Bien cause we know that everything is possible through prayers.

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Mayet said...

Hi! I do hope that Bien will get well pretty soon!