Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Tuesday!

Good day everyone! It's so refreshing coming from a long weekend. I had a nice weekend. It was time well spent with the whole family. Friday was for me and hubby. Hubby and I enjoyed the buffet very much. He keeps on telling me how much he loves the burritos. I'm sure we'll keep coming back for more buffet sessions in Poquito Mas.

Saturday was grocery day with the kids. This time we went to Puregold instead of SM. I was able to buy Guess shirts for the two kids in Pavilion for P300 each. There were a lot of nice shirts but no sizes for the two kids. I'll try to get back there and find more good buys. We also went to Abensons to see some sofas because we need to buy one. We found two designs that we like but we are still undecided which one to get.

Afterwards, we went to SM as well since it's a three day sale so we are hoping we could find some good buys. We didn't stay that long in SM. We just went to Tom's World to play and finally I was able to get JM a Winnie the Pooh stuff toy in the toy machine where you get to pick it up. I don't know how you call it. Two weeks ago I was able to get an Elmo stuff toy for Kaila that's why we keep coming back to get something for JM as well. After the play we had our snacks in Jollibee. We went around for a while in the department store to see some stuffs. Hubby brought the kids in the toy section and got them toys again. Hay, I told hubby afterwards not to buy the kids toys everytime we would go out. Hmmm, he's such a spoiler. :) I think we went home around 6pm already.

Sunday was family day. My parents, my sister and my nephew was at home after lunch and stayed for a while. The three kids enjoyed playing together outside. Good thing it was not raining and it was not that hot either. My mom cooked champorado for merienda. We were all full so most of us didn't eat dinner already.

Monday was study time for us since Kaila will be having their first quarterly exam this week. Kaila had a fever in the morning so I just let her rest and play once in a while. We only started to review in the evening already. JM had his haircut together with Dada. JM is not crying anymore when he's having his hair cut. The two kids didn't sleep in the afternoon that's why by 7pm both of them were asleep already. I myself went up to bed at 8:30pm. First time to sleep this early in a very long, long time. That's why I feel well rested and ready for the week ahead. :)

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