Friday, August 15, 2008

Kaila's fourth birthday . . .

is already coming in less than 2 months. We're just planning to have a simple celebration in school. That's what we told her when she was about to start schooling. Lately, hubby was asking me if we should start buying loots for Kaila's birthday. Huh? Is that you, daddy? I thought it's going to be a simple celebration. According to him, he wants to make sure that Kaila will enjoy the party. Ummm? The daddy is more excited than me. I was thinking if we should still buy stuffs for the kids cause I haven't consulted the school yet if this is allowed. One of her classmates celebrated birthday last Monday but they were just provided with the usual chicken and spaghetti stuff. I better call the school later since we might go to 168 this weekend. Hubby wants to buy Christmas decors already ( this is what you call early Christmas shopping ). He wants to avoid the rush and he's thinking we might not have the time to go when it's needed already. Well, I hope we'll get good buys this weekend.

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