Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tiring but fun . . .

Another long weekend has passed and this one was quite stressful but fun. Saturday was spent at home. I cooked lumpiang shanghai and I was able to do an overdue task which was to do an over all cleaning of our bathroom. I cleaned all the walls from ceiling to floor plus my usual routines in cleaning the room. This is the only household chore that I do by myself since I want to make sure that every corner is clean based on my standard. Naks! In the afternoon, we went around the village as what we usually do on a weekend.

Sunday, we initially planned to go to Glorietta after hearing the mass but something went wrong and we didn't push through with the plan. Since Kaila knew that we were suppose to go out that day she keeps on bugging me if we'll go out. Luckily, it was raining that day so we told her that if the rain stops we'll go to SM Sta. Rosa so she could play in Tom's World. The little girl was monitoring the rain and I finally gave in so we fixed ourselves and headed to SM about 2pm. We went straight to Tom's World since that's our real purpose in going there. One of the kids favorite is the air hockey and we enjoy watching them compete. JM on the other hand loves to drive the car and so Kaila was motivated to drive as well. Of course, we still tried our luck if we could get another stuff that day. We ended up empty handed this time. After the game, we had our snacks in Jollibee. We went around for a while and went home afterwards. When we arrived home, our yaya asked permission if she could go to Dasma, Cavite to see a friend whom she'll be sending some money for her lola. We allowed her to sleep overnight so we were yayaless for the night. Philip's lola didn't go home as well that day so it was only the four of us in the house.

Monday morning, our yaya was back as early as 7am. Hubby asked me if I wanted to pursue our plan of going to Greenhills to buy some stuffs. I asked if the kids will come and he said yes. That time Lola Norma was not yet home so we have no choice but to bring the kids along. It's not that we don't want the kids to come but we are used to already of tagging them along with us without the yaya. We left home past 10am already so we were in Megamall by lunch time. We didn't eat though since we had a heavy breakfast already. We went to the chapel first and heard mass. The kids had their snacks in Jollibee again. We went around for a while then we went to Toy Kingdom where the kids played in the Tikes area then we went to Time Zone again. The kids doesn't get tired playing and playing and playing to think we were just in Tom's World the day before. We left Megamall past 3pm already and headed to Greenhills.

I got myself some blouses and polo shirts. We also bought Kaila a jacket and a pair of pants. We were so dead tired of going around because the kids wanted to be carried already. We didn't have a stroller with us because they usually don't use it anymore. It was the first time yesterday that the two kids asked us to carry them. I guess they were so tired as well. We left Greenhills at past 6pm and we were home by 8pm.

All of us were so tired that I had a hot bath to relax my tired muscles. Kaila and I slept past 11pm while JM and Dada slept ahead of us. It was another bonding time for the four of us. Tiring but fun indeed!

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