Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So sad . . .

We just got the confirmation tonight that our office mate's son has a leukemia. It just started last week when Bien started to complain of stomach aches. Knowing the kid, who eats Jollibee breakfast everyday, they just thought that is was a simple indigestion or something. My officemate even reported to work that day. I'm not sure what day it started and last Friday Marivic was on leave already because they already brought Bien in Asian Hospital. Since it was a weekend we only got updated yesterday. Bien has a low blood count and have undergone a blood transfusion already. She informed us that Bien will undergo the bone marrow test since the doctors are already considering leukemia as the culprit. We were waiting for the result today and it just came in tonight. We were all shocked! The kid is so healthy and vibrant. He's just three years old. How could it happen? How did he get? We have yet to find out the details. We might visit them tomorrow after office.

So, sad. (: Suddenly, I miss my kids! I'm still here at work and doing my job. As parents, we should not complain how tiring it is to take care of our kids. It's good that they are playful and active instead of taking care of them when they are sick.

Let's include them in our prayers especially the parents because this will be a long battle for them. I hope that Bien will recover soon and live a long life together with his family.

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