Monday, August 4, 2008

I've been sick lately . . .

I was down with a bad cough and cold since Wednesday. I almost lost my voice already last Wednesday afternoon. I went home early that day so that I can rest because I have an important meeting the following day. I reported to work the following day only to find out that the important meeting I mentioned will be cancelled. Anyway, I made the most out of that day and finished everything that I can because I'm still not feeling well and this time I'm having a terrible headache already. As much I as wanted to report to work last Friday ( since it's day 1 of the month-end close ), I decided to take a break and have a rest. At least, it will be a long weekend for me and the kids. I just stayed home that day since Kaila preferred to go to school with the yaya. I'm sure it could have been a different story if I went with her in school. I'm sure she wouldn't let me go out of the room again. So, JM and I slept together for 3 hours! Yes, three full straight hours of sleep. From 2pm to 5pm. It was good for us since hubby went home very late that night. So, it was me and JM who waited for daddy although JM slept before daddy arrived cause it was 1 am already when he came.

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Rowena Tadiarca said...

Hi Nol,

Hope you feel better now. Nagkasit din ang 3 boys ko e. Uso ang fever ngayon. Take lots of vitamin C.