Monday, November 5, 2007

Yaya search is over . . .

After over a week of yaya searching, we were able to have one yesterday. Di masyado ramdam because of the holidays. She was referred to us by our neighbor. Actually, a distant relative of hers.

I find her ok. She is married but separated already that's why she wants to get busy and move on. They had a child but he/she died of leukemia.

Click naman sila agad ni Kaila. She was teaching Kaila to write. Medyo over qualified nga sya to be just a yaya kasi she was able to reached second year college. I'm just hoping tumagal sya kasi mukhang ok na rin sya to be a tutor to Kaila by the time she starts schooling in June.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed . . .

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