Thursday, November 22, 2007

Can of PRINGLES as Coin Bank ? ? ?

Last Friday, hubby and I were in Festival Mall. We dropped by in Shopwise and saw the "buy one take one promo" of Pringles and bought some for the kids.

On Monday night, we've already consumed about 2 cans of Pringles already. I was about to throw the can that we have just finished when Kaila was trying to take it from me. I told her that it's empty already. She still keeps on pulling the can from me. Then she said, "coins, coins." So, Kaila's trying to get the can and wants to fill it up with coins. I was surprised! I asked hubby if she told Kaila anything about it. He said no. We were then wondering how she was able to come up with the idea to make the can of Pringles into a coin bank.

At least at this early Kaila knows how to save. Or at least to ask money from us and put it aside in her coin box. I'm not sure if she understands the value of saving at this point

Hopefully, as she grows up she continues to do this and later on in life the value of "thriftiness" will be instilled in her.

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