Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A very bad dream

I had a very, very bad dream last night. I dreamt that my dad passed away already. The first scene was in the hospital. There was a man in the hospital bed but with cover already. He was dead. I didn't see my dad physically but I just knew it was him. It was only me in the hospital. My mom and my sisters were not yet there. When my mom arrived, she was looking for my dad's body. She didn't know that my dad passed away. I was crying so hard already.

The next scene I could remember was in the house already. We were waiting for his body to arrive from the morgue. When he arrived, we were busy re-arranging the furnitures and other stuffs. My mom was just sitting in the sofa. She was still composed. The coffin was in place and relatives started to arrive. Each time a relative arrives, I would break down and cry so hard. It was only me who would cry. I was crying, crying and crying so hard.

It was at this point that I was awaken by my dream. . .

A very, very, bad dream . . .

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