Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A productive day . . .

I was on leave yesterday for a check-up in Asian Hospital. I had this "mass" in my upper left chest way back in college. Medyo namaga lang sya this past week that's why kinulit ako ni hubby na ipatingin na. When my mom saw it as well sabi rin nya ipatingin ko na rin daw. So, I took a leave the whole day while hubby reported to work. So, iintayin ko pa sya matapos with his stuffs sa office.

Early morning, I went to this school near our place to check if it's within our standard of a pre-school for Kaila. We've had our rounds about two months ago with some of the schools and none of them passed our standard. Actually, hubby wants to enroll Kaila in CSA but I told him not in her pre-school years since she'll be travelling from Cabuyao to San Pedro. I think that would be too much for a three year old kid. So basically, I want a pre-school just within our area.

So I went to this school ( St. John's Wort Montessori ) and inquired of their pre-school program. The school is just 5 to 10 minutes from our place. I was accommodated by teacher Riza. I asked all the questions and concerns I have in mind at that time. I also took a peek in their kinder and prep classes at that time. I can say that I'm quite satisfied and excited at the same time. Though we are still on debate when Kaila will start schooling. Personally, I want her to start by January so that she'll have a feel of it by June. My parents wouldn't want her to go to school yet because JM will be left out at home. But I this is my concern as well. I even asked if they would accept a 2 year old in their nursery class so that Kai and JM can go to school together. They said that it's too early for a two year old. They can consider a 2.5 year old though. Let's just see what will happen by then. At least I have already chosen a school for the kids already. I'll just bring Philip and the kids the next time I visit the place so that they can sit in in their class.

After the school, I went to LTO BiƱan to get my student permit. I was supposed to have my driving lessons in A1 last September but I couldn't sqeeze it in my schedule. It took me about two hours to have my student permit since a lot were applying for their licenses. Anyway, at least I have it right now so what I have to do next is have my schedule with A1. I just don't know when will I be able to have it. Hopefully I can schedule it and finish the 10 hours within 2007. Para naman may accomplishment ako for myself this year. :)

After LTO, I dropped by in Jollibee Olivarez to buy some lunch. Philip texted me that he still has to finish some work so he asked me to buy my lunch because he knows that I'm hungry already. Ayaw nya magutom ako at baka mag-away lang kami. Weakness yata naming dalawa ang magutom. :) Pareho kaming nag-iinit ang ulo kapag gutom na.

So I was in his office just in time for lunch time. I ate my food already because I am really hungry. Philip was still working at that time. Just before 1pm we were able to leave and head for Asian Hospital in Alabang. We were lucky that there was no traffic that time. We were there in just 15 minutes.

We went straight to the HMO coordinator since I will be using my company health card. I asked for the accredited surgeon and it's Dr. Pagdanganan. His schedule is at 3pm. So we still have more than an hour of waiting time. Philip asked me if I wanted to go to Festival Mall first but I declined. I'm so tired already for the past days due to my work load. We just waited in the waiting area of the fifth floor while watching a movie in HBO channel.

It was past 3pm and the doctor is not yet in. I went to the clinic and check with the coordinator and she said that he's on his way already. Around 3:20 pm the coordinator already called me. In the clinic was a lady doctor. I thought Ernest Padanganan was a "he". Medyo naconfuse tuloy ako. Then she explained that Dr. Pagdanganan is out for a convention so she's taking his place for awhile.

She started to ask me of my condition why I'm seeking for a consultation. I showed to her the "mass" in my upper left chest. It's like a big pimple na super namamaga na medyo red na nagviviolet yung ibang area. The last time kasi na namaga sya ng husto was in June 2003 while I was on vacation in Canada kaya memorable sya. The doctor immediately knew what it was. She calls my condition as "sebaceous cyst". Nothing serious and nothing to worry about. The sebaceous gland was blocked that's why there's a mass formation already. It will be my call if I'll have it operated or not. Syempre I asked if it will have a scar. She assured me na parang line lang naman daw. Di naman ako keloidal eh so minimal lang daw yung magiging mark.

Hubby asked yung procedure for the operation. It will just be a 30-minute out patient operation. Pero natatakot pa rin ako. Sabi ko nga kay hubby mas gusto ko pa manganak na lang ulit ako kesa magpa-opera. But since namamaga pa yung mass she prescribed an antibiotic kasi di sya pwede operahan ng ganun. Healing will take longer daw pag ganun. So I just have to go back pag wala na yung maga. Hopefully by next week ok na sya. Right now kasi magang-maga pa rin. Parang walang effect yung antibiotic. Although nung last time na namaga sya eh wala naman akong ginawa. Kusa lang na nawala. Yun nga daw yung risk or disadvantage kung di ako magpapaopera. It will be recurring.

After the consultation, we went to Festival for a snack. Hubby will treat me daw kasi masaya sya at nothing serious yung condition ko. We just ate pasta and pizza sa Sbarro. We went around sandali but hubby needs to go back to work. Medyo critical kasi since nasa transition phase sila from EPCI to BDO kaya maya't maya may tumatawag sa kanya. Sabi ko iwan na lang ako to buy some stuffs for the kids.

I went around for a while but I went home din around 6pm. Hay, at least marami akong na-accomplish that day. Thank God that I'm ok and healthy.

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