Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas Shopping Update . . .

Oh, well. . . We pushed through with the original plan of going shopping even without 1 yaya. I just asked my youngest sister to come over our house to be with the kids.

It was a breeze . . . Not sure if it's still because of the Glorietta blast or the barangay election because there were a few people in everywhere we've been to. Yes, we've been to Divisoria, Greenhills and Glorietta. Galing namin no!

We were able to buy Christmas decors, stuffs for the house, gift wrappers, gifts for the kids of my officemates, gifts to my inaanaks, some gifts for the kids and other stuffs. I can say that I'm halfway through my Christmas shopping as early as now. Family members na lang yung bibilihan ko the next time na umalis ulit kami.

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