Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our first hospital confinement experience

I am very proud to say that both my kids are very healthy. Seldom do they get sick and nothing serious that's why it never entered my mind that we would be experiencing this. As a matter of fact, my health card was not with me when I needed it.

Last October 29 at around 6pm, JM started to vomit. We thought that is was just a simple indigestion or something because he ate ice cream during merienda. He continued to vomit several times so I asked hubby to buy a medicine and electrolyte already. For a while, he was able to sleep because he was too weak due to vomiting. After about an hour, he was awake and back to his playful nature. So he's ok already. Around 10pm, we put him to sleep already with about 5 ounces of milk. I'm hoping that he won't vomit anymore. At about 1am, he was awake and vomited again. This time I'm getting nervous already. Hubby told me to give JM the electrolyte. I put it in his bottle and he was able to drink it. He was asleep again. At around 3:30am, he was awake again and vomited the electrolyte. So this is it! We need to bring him to the hospital already. He might be dehydrated because he can't take in anything.

I already started to prepare our things and I took a quick bath. My SIL and MIL was already there waiting for us. We were in the hospital just before 5am. The usual question and answer took place in the ER. While waiting for the doctor, hubby was already in the admission office. I also answered some forms since I'll be using my health card.

When it's already time to put the IV, all of us were there and holding JM. He is very strong! All the four of us we're holding him tight while the nurse is trying to locate where to pinch in the needle. But they were really having a hard time looking for the right spot. They tried it once and twice but none. JM was crying out loud that time. Mommy Nol was crying as well. It's really painful to see him like that. This time nagtaray na si MIL. Dapat daw yung resident doctor ang magturok since baby yung pasyente. Kaya we waited for the doctor to come. While waiting, another nurse came to get blood samples for the laboratory tests. JM was crying again. This time Mommy is stronger already. No more tears. :)

When the doctor arrived, she too was having a hard time to locate the right spot. She was trying on both hands but no good. That's why it ended up on JM's feet. After a while, we were already heading to our room. JM seems very tired already. He was asleep in no time at all.

I already started texting my office mates and called my mom. It's my mom's birthday the following day. My sisters and I were planning to treat my mom for a good buffet dinner somewhere in Alabang and at the same time for the kids to experience their first trick or treat. But at this time, we were unsure if this will push through.

Hubby and I were just in our room waiting for the doctor to come. JM had here first milk again during noon. After a few hours he vomited again. This time JM already have a fever. We're already praying that it is nothing serious.

At about 4pm, the doctor came and checked on JM. The usual question and answer again on his condition. Then, he informed us that the result of the blood test showed a bacteria in his white blood cells. This is an indication of acute gastroenteritis though he wants to see the other lab results. This means we still have to stay longer. We have not yet provided the urine and stool sample.

So, it's our first night and I have to stay on his bedside. I am frequently awaken every time the nurses came to check on him. I barely had a sleep. JM's fever is on and off. The last recorded fever was on the morning of the 31st. This time no more vomiting for a day already. We thought we would be discharge in the afternoon already.

In the morning, we were able to submit the urine sample. I was hoping he doesn't have a UTI just like me and Ate Kai. Another day of watching TV and a lot of naps during the day. The doctor came and checked on JM's condition. He is already better compared to yesterday's condition. We asked if we can go home already since he is not vomiting anymore. But according to the doctor JM should be fever free for 24 hours before we can be discharged. So, it means another night in the hospital.

In the afternoon, my sisters came to visit and brought some food since they had a small get together at home for my mom's birthday. It was also a time for picture taking since my brother in law brought his camera. JM was already makulit this time cause he's feeling better already. He's trying to remove the IV and he's trying to get down from the bed. It's more difficult to take care of him at this time.

Night time came, I'm already hoping that JM won't have a fever at all. A slight fever tonight means another 24 hours of waiting. Thank God that JM didn't have fever over the night and completely no vomiting. I know we will be discharged already. I have already packed up our things and just waiting for the rounds of the doctor.

Since it's November 1, the doctor came in earlier than his usual rounds so that he can discharge us early. He checked on JM and everything is clear now. He didn't find anything in the urinalysis. Buti na lang hindi mana sa amin ni Ate Kai. We're all set to go home. I miss Ate Kai so much!

I texted my mom already so that they can fetch us from the hospital. At that time, they were still in Cavite to visit my lola's grave and other relatives. Still have time to rest. They came in after lunch and we're ready to go home!

Oh, well . . . A part of the supposed to be long weekend was spent in the hospital. I hope there won't be any next time . . .

I really hate the feeling when the kids are sick . . . Kung pwede lang talaga na kunin na lang yung sakit nila :)

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