Sunday, March 1, 2009

A weekend get together . . .

Our college barkada had a get together last Saturday, February 28. We seldom see each other after our graduation so as much as I can I make it a point to attend every event of the barkada be it a wedding, baptismal or birthday of our kids. Last Saturday's get together was initiated by Maila who's now based in New Zealand with her hubby. They are here for a vacation for almost 2 months. We are so excited to see her because finally she's 5 months pregnant already.

It was difficult to set up the schedule since we can't find a date wherein everybody will be available so we just decided to push through with it last Saturday. Since they'll be here until April we'll just see if we can meet again before they leave. Venue was in Fazoli's in Eastwood. I was with my whole family and we arrived just in time for our lunch date.

We are seven in our group and three of them didn't make it last Saturday. Bing ( who I haven't seen since our graduation ) was sick, Kaye has a class ( she's taking up Nursing after her US vacation ) and Jody who has an event that day. Everybody was excited to see Bing so we made a phone patch to her after we had our lunch. We hope we can find another sched wherein the group will be complete for the first time again.

The afternoon was spent for non-stop tsikahan about our lives and of course our lives way back then in college and future plans as well. Syempre pinagusapan din ang mga "absent" kaya dapat wag mag-absent sa mga ganitong event. . . he he he . . .

Fortunately, the kids behaved well during our tsikahan. My friends are so fond of the kids that they are encouraging us to have more. Maganda daw ang lahi kaya dapat paramihin pa. he he he . . . I'm not sure what time we ended our tsikahan session. I think it was almost 4pm already.

Maila is inviting us for the 60th birthday celebration of his dad this coming Saturday, March 7. I'm not yet sure if we can come. We'll just see.

Here's our picture taken last Saturday:

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