Monday, March 16, 2009

Project I2C . . .

So, what is I2C? This is the major project I'm talking about in my prior posts. This has been long overdue. I2C is project "immigration to Canada". Even before we got married my parents were already convincing us to apply as immigrants in Canada. It took us a while before we decided to go with it. Last February 2005, we even attended a seminar on how we'll go through the immigration application process. By June 2005, we started to requests for documents needed for the application. But the following month, we learned that I was pregnant with our second baby. We decided not to proceed with the application at that time since we'll be updating all the documents by the time I give birth.

Last year, when my parents finally got their visa and at the same time the global financial crisis hit us the issue on applying as immigrants came up again. Finally, we've decided that we'll push through with it. It so happened that I was so busy with work in Q3 and Q4 of 2008 with the launch of the new Ford Focus that I was not able to concentrate on the application.

At the start of the year, I have set my goal that we need to submit the application by Q1 of this year. I have started printing the guidelines and application forms and I make it a point to update myself on the new rules and policies on immigration to Canada. It was then that I found out that there's a new guideline for the FSW applicants. They have a list of priority occupations and the application will be initially sent to Canada and not here in the Philippine Canadian embassy. Good for me that my line of work is included in the priority occupation.

So, where are we in the application process? Finally, after months of printing and filling up the application forms we're officially done with it! ! ! I have proof read the forms last night but I still have to ask a third party to do the proof reading just to ensure that all questions were answered correctly. I have signed all the forms and I have asked hubby to sign his papers as well. Simultaneously, I have asked hubby to open up a dollar savings account for us since we've already closed our dollar savings account. Though hubby works in a bank, he is not spared from the requirements needed when buying dollars. Good for me that one of my officemate's husband arrived last week that's why I was able to get our dollars without the effort. he he he . . .

We'll be on leave this Friday to do a lot of things. I have asked hubby to arrange the bank draft for the payment of our application fee. We'll be sending our documents through courier on Friday as well. I'm so happy because at least we're a one step closer to our application process. Though we'll be counting years for us to get an update, at least we are waiting for something already. Wish us luck on this project! :)


Irmee said...

Hi Nol

Congrats on this move! However, you have to be patient in waiting for your visa, well it's a case to case basis, in my case I learned that patience is a virtue hehehe, have you submitted you forms? Put them in a clear sheet, arrange them per the list of requirements and mark each section for the visa officer to see your documents organized. Feel free to ask Qs from me, will be glad to help :) Goodluck

jody said...

hello nol! galing! this is it. congrats and goodluck.

kai said...

hi nol,

gusto ko rin mag-apply anong mga initial preparations? pa share naman.