Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Big "C"

My father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer last January, just a week after his birthday. It came as a shock to everybody because there were no earlier symptoms seen. FIL had his first check-up in Binan Doctors and it was the diagnosis. He further underwent several tests in Asian Hospital and they confirmed the diagnosis as well. 2 weeks ago he had an MRI in Medical City and that's were they've seen the severity of the cancer. Other organs were infected by the cancer cells as well. The doctors informed the family that he has 6 months to live. Huh??? How could it be? It's so fast! Everybody is hoping and praying that FIL can still be cured and recover from his illness. More than medical intervention the family is hoping for a divine intervention so that we can spend more time with him especially the two kids - his source of strength at this point.

The family can attest that my two kids really makes wonder. Normally, my FIL would just stay in bed because he's too weak already. But when he knows that we'll be visiting, he would regain his strength so that he can see and play with the kids. With this, we make it a point to visit him on weekends and on other times at least once on a weekday.

To all, please include my FIL as well as the whole family in your prayers. That they may find hope and strength amidst this difficult time in their lives.

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Eds said...

I'm really saddened over your FIL's condition, I just hope he could have more years. Sometimes the doctors are right but miracles do happen, right?

God speed sis!