Monday, March 9, 2009

Quarter one . . .

is about to end in about three weeks. How time flies really fast! Summer is almost here because we can feel the heat already especially on weekends. I said almost because there are still days that the breeze is cool during night time and we are still having some rainy mornings once in a while. Over the weekend, the kids were already bugging us to buy them those inflatable swimming pools. Kaila is already excited to eat halo-halo again. It's funny because she knows that halo-halo is for summertime. She would even recite a famous halo-halo commercial line over and over - "halo-halo tamis, tamis . . . " They are also asking the daddy to bring them to the beach so that they can make sand castles.

I can still recall the same excitement whenever the month of March begins. It signifies a lot of things for me when I was young. More playtime and family outings in the beach. As a student, it means the end of the school year and another recognition day - time to reap the fruits of my hardwork. In less than a month it'll be my birthday. Summertime is just a time to relax and be yourself. You can do anything you want at anytime you want. As a teenager, it was time to sleep, sleep and sleep until my eyes would sore. ha ha ha . . .

But as we grow older, our experiences, expectations and responsibilites becomes wider. Now, the month of March signifies a lot of other things. (1) We need to renew the registration of the car. (2) We need to renew the insurance policy of the car (3) I need to prepare Kaila for her final exams (4) We all need to prepare for her recognition day (5) I need to plan for the kids' activities for summer (6) We need to be ready for the next enrollment ( 7) We need to enjoy a little bit of what I'll be getting for the performance bonus (8) I need to finish all our forms for our FSW application in Canada and the list can go on and on and on.

What am I talking about? Does it make sense? Well, with so many things happening around us have we given ourselves the time to think and appreciate the essentials in life? Have we served our purpose already? How much time do we have left? With the recent death of Francis Magalona, I realized that time flies really fast. As in reeeeaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy fast! We get ourselves busy with so much work and sort of depriving the kids of our time. Most of the time we are not physically present whenever our kids had their "firsts". How I wish I was there all the time. But when I'm with kids and they get uncontrollable I lose my temper and how I wish I was just at work.

Make up your mind! ! ! Be careful with what you wish for. Life is just short so we have to make the most out of it instead of preoccupying our minds with so many unimportant things. Live the life that God has given each one of us. Circumstances may be difficult and hard but it's the way we arise from all those trials that matters. Keep our life as simple as possible. Live each day as it comes. Do what can make you and your family happy. At the end of the day, what is important is you have served your purpose well and you can sleep peacefully without worrying the days ahead.

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