Monday, March 16, 2009

Early to bed ? ? ?

We were home by 8pm today which was quite early from our usual time. Both kids were still awake when we arrived. We spent about 10 or 15 minutes with the kids before they went upstairs in our bedroom. Hubby and I ate our dinner afterwards. We went to the living room after our dinner. We could still hear the kids playing upstairs. After a while, I couldn't hear anything from the bedroom. I was thinking if the kids were asleep already. But I told myself it's impossible. You see, our kids would usually sleep from 11pm to as late as 1am. Yes, you read it right. My kids would sleep this late on a weekday. So, imagine me sleeping at 1am then I have to wake up at 5:30am to catch up with our shuttle service. Or else hubby would be driving me to the office ( sayang sa gas! ).

Then, I took my evening bath and I was so surprised to see both kids asleep when I went upstairs. According to our yaya, Kaila was the first one to sleep followed by JM. Are the kids sick? What happened? How I wish our nights would be like this. Sleeping time would be effortless for everybody. But somehow I miss the "kulitan"of the two kids before going to sleep. It's a sort of bonding time for us as well. Anyway, might as well take advantage of this very rare moment. So, right now I'm here in front of our PC surfing the net while doing some blogging. ha ha ha . . . The daddy will be back in a few minutes and I tell you he's addicted to facebook already. he he he . . . I was the one who opened up his facebook account but now he has more friends than I.

Hay, it feels good to blog at home. No need for rush and no more checking if somebody might see me doing some blog at work. he he he . . .

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