Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Visit in PHC . . .

Last Sunday, together with my mom, we visited my uncle who has confined in Philippine Heart Center. He was under observation by the doctors if he would really need a pacemaker. His heart rate is only 46 which is way below the normal rate of 60-100 per minute. Because of this, he lacks oxygen that causes poor eyesight, severe headache and joint paints to name a few. While we were there, he got a text message from his doctor and confirmed that he would really need a pacemaker already. Total expenses for the operation will be around P400k. Good thing that they have their savings and he can undergo the procedure immediately. As of this time, I have not confirmed with my mom if my uncle has already undergone the operation.

Heart problems seems to be the common illness of my mom's family. That's why my uncle was advising us to take it easy on our diets. He advises us to eat healthy as early as now because definitely the effect of our diets today will only be evident once we are old. Better to be healthy now than spend thousands or even millions of pesos just for medications.

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