Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Terrifying Monday . . .

I was on emergency leave yesterday. Hubby had a severe attack of chest pains early Monday morning so I rushed him to the hospital together with my mom and dad.

The night before, he was already complaining that it's too hot in our room to think that the aircon was already on. He said that he's not feeling well so we slept early that night. About 3am yesterday he was already awake. I asked him if he's feeling better already. He said no. He went downstairs to drink cold water. After a while he went back to our room. He was still not feeling better and the pain is getting worse. I asked him if he wants to be brought to the hospital already and he said no. He was tapping my head and caressing my forehead and tells me that he loves me as if he was saying good bye and I'm already nervous at this point. After a while, he went downstairs again and this time I followed him. He went straight outside the house to get some fresh air while he was punching his chest heavily. I was already calling my mom at this point and I was already crying while telling her what's happening. I told her we have to bring Philip to the hospital already.

When Philip felt better we went upstairs to dress up and prepare ourselves since we are bound to the hospital already. Feeling a little better after that severe attack he told me he doesn't want to go to the hospital anymore. He said he's ok but I insisted that we still go. Anyway, my mom and dad are already on their way to our house. When they arrived, we immediately headed to the hospital. We went straight to the ER of Calamba Medical Center.

We informed the nurse of what happened. He got hubby's BP and it was normal at 130/70. His temperature was normal as well. Then, the nurse performed an ECG to ensure the condition of hubby's heart. After a while, the resident doctor came and told us that his heart is ok. What happened was a case of GERD - Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. In short, it's related to his diet again. Hubby is already observing a healthy diet since he's prone to have a high cholesterol level but his current diet might trigger another disease as GER. Anyway, the doctor prescribed a medicine to be taken once a day for the next two weeks. She also reminded Philip of the foods not to be taken. Whew, what's left for him to eat? I can't think of anything right now except water. He was eating fruits and pasta but this can trigger GER. Hay, need to do some more researching. Anyway, we were home as early as 6am but we decided to stay home for the day so that we could rest.

It was a stressful day but I'm so thankful that it was nothing serious and hubby is still with us. Daddy, Kaila, JM and I loves you so much! Hugs and kisses to you . . . mwahh . . . :)

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jody said...

Glad nothing serious! Nakakatakot naman. naku, diet din ni Dicky ang problem ko. I have to really remind him all the time. Minsan, nakakapagod na! Hay! Ang hirap naman kasi talaga magdiet eh!