Friday, November 28, 2008

Bank hopping . . .

I was on scheduled leave last Monday. It was our day to process all the necessary documents for the different bank accounts of my parents. All their remaining accounts here were divided among us and we were added as account holders. Most of them were time deposits so no need for additional action from us. It will just be automatically rolled over. But as per hubby's advise we should also update it once in a while to ensure that the money is there and not used by anomalous bank employees. I''m taking his words for he himself is a banker so he knows very well how the people can do such things to their absentee clients.

We went to UCPB first where we did quite a lot of process. A portion of the time deposit was maintained and rolled over but I was added on the account. A portion was withdrawn and later on opened to a new account in BDO. The current savings account was closed and a new one was opened and I was added on the account again. My dad also filled up a form for the renewal of his pension account from SSS. It took us more than an hour to process all of these. Next stop was RCBC. I just filled up a form here since I was just added on the current savings account of my mom. The time deposit here was for my younger sister. This took us about 30 minutes only. Next stop was BDO. We opened a new time deposit here and opened a new savings account as well. It was quite tedious again and took about an hour to finish the whole process. Next stop was Union Bank. We only got the forms to be filled up since the maturity of the time deposit will be on the 27th. I filled up the forms when we got home already.

We were just in time for lunch when we finished everything and we still have to fix our things since we stayed in Canlubang over the weekend. Kaila was already getting ready for school. We just ate our lunch and from Canlubang we headed straight to Kaila's school since her classes sarts at 1:30pm. We left the yaya and we went home after. My parents stayed for a while but they left before Kaila returns from school because Kaila doesn't want to go home yet.

It was a busy weekend for us but we're just trying to maximize the last few days of my parents and youngest sister here. Most probably we'll be staying in Canlubang for the remaining two weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i dropped by your blog today and saw that you went bank hopping. You might want to exchange bank/deposit/investment insights with me. im a bank-hopper myself, and i do a lot of comparative analysis on their products, services, and other offerings.. same is true with investments, insurance, and trust funds...

YM Me: Limdex.. thanks!