Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the countdown begins . . .

Last weekend, was just the last three weekends of my parents before they migrate to Canada. Since we were finished setting up the Christmas tree last Friday night, we decided to spend the weekend in their house. We initially planned to go to Divisoria that weekend but it didn't push through at the last minute. We were so lazy that Saturday morning. :)

My Dad called us up mid morning and asked if we have plans of going out that day. I said no and asked him the same question. He said he'll call me again if we'll go out. The kids were still asleep at that time while hubby and I were having our late breakfast. I confirmed with hubby if we'll be staying overnight in Canlubang and he said yes so I started to fix our things already. When the kids woke up we informed them that we'll be going to Lolo and Lola's house. They were happy and excited as usual. By lunch time, my sister called me up and asked where do we want to go. I just said Alabang area will do. So, we decided to go to ATC since it's a weekend sale according to my sister. We were already fixed when my sister called me up again and informed me that my mom has a high blood pressure that's why she's taking a rest first. I said ok and informed them that Lola is still sick so we might not go to ATC anymore. It was already 2pm when my Dad called me up again and asked if we're ready. So, it was almost 3pm when we left the house. We decided just to stroll around in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

The kids just played in the play area. Then, we went store hopping from one store to another. By 4pm we went to Jollibee already for our afternoon snacks. Hubby and I finished our snacks earlier so that we can order our food for dinner. Hubby bought grilled blue marlin, sizzling squid and rellenong bangus in Blue Corner while I ordered pork sisig and spicy shrimp pasta in Poquito Mas.

We were in Canlubang just before 6pm. The kids had a blast playing with my nephew. It was always a riot when the three kids are complete. Luckily, the kids were off to bed earlier than their usual routine because they didn't sleep in the afternoon. We had fun that day even though our supposedly malling didn't push through. :)

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