Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kaila's 2nd Quarter Performance

Last Saturday, was the 2nd PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference) in Kaila's school. Of course, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm excited to see the test results and nervous of what might be the outcome since Kaila performed well during the first grading. And when Teacher Liza showed to us the test results we were so happy and proud of her. We have proven that the first quarter results was not "tsamba". ha ha ha . . . And the results are . . .

Science - 100%

Math - 99%

Reading - 96%

Language - 87%

Civics - 87%

We wouldn't blame Kaila for quite a low score in Civics and Language because the tests was really difficult for their age. Imagine, they would identify the parts of the fish ( pectoral fin, caudal fin at kung anu-ano pang fins ) and frog. It's not just simply the eyes or legs but really scientific part names. In Language, Kaila was really confused on the usage of "in" and "on". I already knew it even when we were reviewing that this is where she'll have a hard time. Anyway, we are really thankful and proud that Kaila's performing well in school. At least sulit ang lahat ng gastos. ha ha ha . . .

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jody said...

Oh my! Ang advance ng school nila ah! Parts of the fish?! Margaux just know Nemo! Hahaha! Ang galing naman meron silang ganyan. We missed you in the party.